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Are the Signs of Spring Making You Restless for an Adventure?

How it seems the population are living longer, only the other day two gentlemen were celebrating their 110th Birthdays. We have a driving school program in TV where Centenarians are being advised regarding their driving skills. My Mother not far off becoming a centenarian, lives in a warden controlled apartment and manages remarkably well! Even going shopping on a Wednesday with a little help.

She spent Monday with us whilst new windows were being fitted in her apartment as part of the refurbishment of the building. Unfortunately the warden hadn’t let us know the workmen had arrived earlier than expected and we arrived to find her looking lost and vulnerable in the huge empty community room. Well after some hot soup and two games of Cribbage she was soon chatting happily and telling us stories from her past.

With the current obesity problems will the trend of living longer continue? We are learning more about illnesses and cures, how the body and mind work, new techniques etc. But are we really making progress?

Is technology helping us, or are we creating more problems like the social media gang culture that is hitting London at the moment; or stressed youngsters dealing with online bullying?

Well the good news is the country overall seems to be surviving the Brexit squabbles and businesses are finding ways to expand into different markets despite the uncertainty. Life goes on with everyone dealing with their own problems.

Well I must say I feel fortunate to be semi-retired, working on a little online hobby business, gardening and enjoying the view across the fields.

Living in Spain didn’t work out for me, mostly due to ill-health, but it was an experience and the house soon sold and I’m back in England again. My biggest problem was not learning Spanish before we embarked on our new adventure. I would encourage any would be travellers to learn at least a smattering of their new language before the trip. You can feel very isolated and vulnerable if you are ill and cannot converse with the medical staff!

Well back to the future where does it lie for me? Well at the moment I am happy with what I am doing: I have published a book on marketing from my 40 years experiences, which has been languishing on my laptop for too long!

I am in the process of planting a new garden, and cannot wait to see the results this summer. Hopefully there will be an abundance of fruit and flowers, which will become more plentiful each year. I have also branched out in a new direction online, which will be interesting watching it grow.

Winter now at last seems to be virtually over and sun will soon take place of the endless rain, so with new offspring in the fields, spring flowers emerging it is a time for growth and expectation.

Are you ready to try something new to celebrate all that is new around you? Maybe a hobby you have been considering for a while. A new subject to study, perhaps a language – supposed to be excellent for the grey cells and preventing dementia. Reading the classics, or maybe something bigger like starting your own business or changing your job!

Whatever it is, have a good year and maybe making a five-year plan to decide what direction you would like your life to take. This could prompt a new adventure.

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