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All You Need To Know About Red Fort

Red Fort is quite a famous historical monument in the capital city of India i.e. New Delhi. It is of must importance to the country as it shows the might of the Mughal dynasties that ruled over different time periods. It is also a tourist attraction nowadays given the fact that it is the place from where the flag hoisting is done on 15th of August which is the Independence Day of India. The fort is primarily related to the political parties of the country as back in the 16th and 17th century, almost all the emperors that ever reined the Mughal dynasty addressed the terms and conditions on the inside for good faith. Keep on reading this article for more information.

Shah Jahan was the man behind the construction of the Red Fort and he also had the famous Taj Mahal built by around 20,000 labors for his beloved wife that died giving birth to their fourteenth offspring. As the name itself suggests, the walls of the fort are red and no color has faded since its construction. The fort is surrounded by huge walls and at the top of every wall, there are several iron fences embedded deeply for the electrification during the nighttime. All the walls are in their original color and are made from special red sandstone that never fades even after the scorching heat of the sun-rays during the summer season.

If you really wish to know everything about the Red Fort, then there is plenty of reading material that you can find on the internet and also in the public libraries given the fact that the monument was built by Shah Jahan who liked to build enormous monuments just to show his power in the dynasty. A lot of artists and architectures these days wish to have a setup for their fine art inside the mausoleum as on the inside, there are several inspiring elements that work just fine for them to create something out of their imagination. The marbles are embedded with precious jewels that are clearly visible with the naked eye and that is the main reason the security has been kept really tight.

So this was all about the Red Fort that you needed to know. I am quite convinced that you will have a great time visiting Delhi if you do not miss out this particular structure as it contains everything that you wish to learn about the history of India.

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