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Advantages of Digital Systems

1) The devices used in digital circuits generally operate in one of the two unites, known as ON and OFF resulting in a very simple operation.
2) There are only a few basic operations in digital circuits which are very easy to understand.
3) Digital techniques require Boolean algebra which is very simple and can easily be learnt.
4) Digital circuits require basic concepts of electric network analysis which can easily be learnt. The principal electrical char¬acteristics required are switching speed and loading considerations. On the other hand, analog circuits and systems involve frequency and time domain concepts, complicated circuit analysis techniques, etc. which make the un¬derstanding of these circuits much more difficult than the digital circuits.
5) A large number of IC’s are available for performing various operations. These are highly reliable, accurate, and small in size and the speed of operation is very high. A numbers of programmable IC’s are also available.
6) Various IC’s are available in a logic family with similar electrical character¬istics which make the design and development of digital systems very simple and also reduce interfacing problems. Also, a number of logic families based on different technologies are available which help in optimizing the system design from the point of view of power requirement and speed of operation.
7) The effect of fluctuations in the characteristics of the components, ageing of
components, temperature and noise etc. is very small in digital circuits.
8) Digital circuits have capability of memory which makes these circuits highly suitable for computers, calculators, watches, telephones etc.
9) The display of data and other information is very convenient, accurate and elegant using digital techniques.
10) Many students have an opportunity to learn programming of digital comput¬ers, hence they have a strong motivation to study the way the digital hardware works.
11) It is a very fascinating and challenging field of study because most of the latest electronics systems are digital in nature.

Source by Sakib Maslinia

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