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A Brief Description About Wedge Anchors

The function of the anchor is to assemble two pieces of different materials permanently to make it into a single unit. The threaded portion of the rod’s length is penetrated deep inside the material and is protected from the damage by the round design at its extreme end. They are subjected to hold the loads with the great strength and are used in the diverse applications for its super grip. A pilot hole is drilled just before the time of the installation to guide the way of the fastener. Screw the anchor into the hole and assemble the remaining pieces together including the nut and the washer.

While choosing the fastener you might come along with the wide range of the wedge anchor available in the market. You can find them in different sizes and material, the choice is dependent on the type of application you have. They come in 9 different diameters which can be purchased from the online stores or markets.

The types of fastener are meant to use in moist and wet environments. They are fabricated for the concrete applications only and are easy to use in such applications. However, removing them is the most typical part that might cause you problem. The wedge anchors are made with the sturdy material to give them aesthetic and strong base at the same time. They are generally manufactured with the zinc and stainless steel for the extreme durability. Talking about the design of the product, it is made of two separable pieces that are assembled together to secure the hold of different products.

Things To Consider While Embedding The Wedge Anchor:-

  • The anchor fasteners are used widely in an extensive range of atmospheric environments and provide a great relieve with the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the same. However, you must take extreme care at the time of installation of the fasteners.
  • The variation is free from the dimension of the diameter so they must be embedded into the concrete structures at a minimum distance for the great holding power.
  • The minimum depth implies to the minimum holding values, which can cause the problem of holding the things at the place.
  • Also, deeper embedding beyond the minimum embedment may increase holding values but may also create the problem of running into rebar embedding in the concrete.

If you are thinking to install them in your new project this is your guide to help you with the design, application, and various other things.

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