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5 Top Hilti Gun Safety Suggestions

Hilti is one of the leading designers and suppliers of various fastening solutions both to the major level construction industry as well as the do it yourself domestic market. Hilti specializes in a number of different fastening design applications as well as a number of different power tools needed in order to create the best fastening application possible.

One of the most cutting edge industry leading designs of all time is the now famous Hilti Gun. The Hilti Gun is known all over the world as arguably the best power tool specifically intended for joining semi hard or rigid materials to other hard surfaces such as concrete walls or steel surfaces. The design is ingenious and features a powder actuated mechanism used to effectively drive fasteners into hard surfaces.

It is so named for a few very good reasons. It is an extremely powerful tool and is designed along similar principles to actual hand guns that fire live ammunition. Although in this case the Gun uses what is known as power loads, these are similar in application to a powder charge in a bullet, with about as much force and energy. Hilti Guns are specifically designed to drive equally specific pins and threaded studs into wood, steel and concrete. Because Hilti Guns are such powerful tools it is necessary that potential operators are fully trained in both the various uses of the Hilti Gun as well as the very critical associated safety precautions and procedures. Operators need to be trained by qualified training personnel and accredited before being able to use the Gun power tool either in commercial construction or private use.

Even though formal accredited training is required prior to purchase and employment of a Hilti Gun we can still discuss a few safety procedures and tips:

1. Always follow the instructions: This may seem obvious but you would be surprised at just how many people think they can just ‘figure it out’ as they go. It is essential that instructions and procedures are followed before and during the use of a Gun.

2. Selecting the appropriate power load: The power load is an important issue, Hilti have designed very specific power loads depending on the application needed. Make sure to choose the correct power load to avoid injury and possible surface damage.

3. Check the Gun: Much like a real gun the Hilti Gun needs to be checked before use or after use. Ensure that there is no previous load still in the Hilti Gun or that the gun is empty after use.

4. The Hilti Gun muzzle lock: This is a very important safety procedure provided by Hilti. The muzzle lock ensures that it is impossible to accidentally fire the gun in the air at anytime. To use the gun the operator has to apply adequate pressure to the surface before the gun will actuate and the operator will be able to fire the pin or threaded stud into the surface.

5. Always check the gun after use: It is always important to check the gun after using it to make sure there is no power load or pin or threaded stud still left in the Hilti Gun. The Hilti Gun is one of the most effective and convenient power tools of the modern industrial age, it can perform a multitude of functions on multiple surfaces and in a large variety of application scenarios. However it is also important to follow all safety procedures and take every precaution necessary.

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