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5 Reasons Why Your Sales Copy Sucks

Are your words bringing home the bacon? For many people; they are not. Your writing is not convincing enough to make people open up their wallets and buy from you. Writing is a science. It takes time to master. Not mastered per say, but you can get significantly better. But the first step in writing mastery is identifying the dark spots. What are those things making your writing a weak sauce?

1. IT’S NOT FUN: Children writing is fun. Maybe you need to read a lot of children writing to understand that. You have to be much fun to catch the attention of a 5 year old and it’s not an easy task but it’s feasible. Alas, many people have the attention span of a 9 year old. Your writing needs to catch their attention. Forget professionalism and bring out the fun side of you when writing.

2. NOT EASY TO UNDERSTAND: Enough of the jumbo technicalities. Only use technical terms when writing to someone ‘technically’. When writing to a novice like many people online are, make it as simple as ABC. The number of people online significantly increases as the year goes by and so should your writing become simpler and simpler to understand.

3. NO ONE SEES IT: Don’t write for just SEO but optimize for SEO. You might have a great copy sitting on your site. If no one sees it, it’s ineffective. Learn SEO basics and optimize your posts to rank high.

4. DON’T BE COMPLACENT: Go back and tweak your writing. Tweak and tweak until you can tweak no more. Until you get the result you want. That’s the beauty of writing, you can always optimize it. Writing is ‘optimizable’. Too much copy is like talking too much. That has the power of reducing your credibility. But one great speech will raise up your credibility like a flag.

5. YOU’RE AFRAID OF GOING OVERBOARD: What’s overboard in writing anyways? You’re behind a screen. But keep it down to something you can back up with results. Honesty is still the best policy.

Writing sales copy is an art and it gets exciting once you see the results your words are having. Convincing people to take a specific action is something we do everyday. No need getting technical or being over the top. Here are the elements of a good sales copy.

– It’s engaging

– It’s clear

– It’s concise

– It’s persuasive.

Incorporate these and start seeing huge conversions.

Source by Alana A Gaddis

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