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5 Reasons Why Businesses Use Remote Desktop Services With QuickBooks

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) can offer a number of powerful benefits and enable your businesses to maximize the value and performance of their QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software.

1. It Streamlines the IT Services

RDS simplifies the setup and maintenance requirements of QuickBooks. To begin, system administrators can provide the users quick access to their QuickBooks by installing and configuring it at once on a server with RDS.

Also, subsequent software updates only need to be performed on a single computer. Another benefit is that Microsoft and the third party developers provide Remote Desktop Connection client software for most of the operating systems, including OS like Mac, Linux as well as older versions of Windows.

It means that a business can use its existing hardware and their operating systems even though QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is designed to be installed on the personal computers which running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or even Windows 7.

As a result, businesses can save a lot on their IT infrastructure since the computer hardware and operating systems will not required to be upgraded or changed as frequently.

Additionally, the complementary applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Excel can also be provided on the same server so that the users can easily access other applications they required while working on QuickBooks.

2. It’s Faster and More Reliable Performance

Simply, QuickBooks is running on a network using RDS will beat those who are not using. In a network, who doesn’t utilize RDS, then QuickBooks company data file will sit on either a dedicated file server or the workstation, which is generally referred to as the database server.

A system at which the user needs to use their QuickBooks must have its own copy of QuickBooks application installed and should be connected to the database server for accessing their company data file.

The work done on QuickBooks data on any system must be transferred between the computer and the database server in order to reintegrate with the data file.

When a single system or connection is slow, then the processing time will be delayed for everyone while the server waits for the commands that entered by each system in the network to be completed constantly.

In this type of setup, the network speed is forced by the slowest computer or the slowest connection. In the setup with RDS, QuickBooks application and the company data file that are both located on the server, then the individual user’s computer don’t need a copy the QuickBooks application installed.

Users login directly into the server, where the QuickBooks application executed and the commands are carried out. As only the keystrokes and mouse movements are needed from a user’s system, then the amount of data being sent through the network is insignificant.

Processing speed will be no longer determined by the slowest connection speed the computer because the actions are centrally computed to allow everyone to work at their own speed.

Apart from that, in this type of setup, RDS can also speedup the application performance when the users connect via wireless networks.

As the data always stays on the server, then the work will not be lost even if your connection is broken while a user is working in QuickBooks via RDS.

3. Better and cost-effective remote access

RDS allows the users of QuickBooks to work anywhere, whether in the office, on road, satellite office, or from their home. The alternative remote access services provide similar capabilities, but the users often find them slow.

As compared to these, the RDS requires a much smaller amount of data to be transferred, so QuickBooks performance is optimized even in the low-bandwidth scenarios. These remote access services usually require a designated workstation in the office for each remote user to connect.

When a workstation is remotely accessed, then no one else in the office can use it. Fortunately, RDS will make it possible to provide QuickBooks remote access to multiple employees by using one shared server, so that there will be no tied up workstations.

4. Enhanced security

Protection of the critical financial data is important for all the businesses. RDS provides additional security to the business by using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. To start, system administrators must grant the specific levels of access for each user who can login to the server.

The system administrator can decide which applications should be on the server which are available to each employee. This means various employees may be given access to the server for different purposes but QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions can be restricted only to those who want to use it.

In addition to that, QuickBooks administrators also establish the application level permissions in order to specify which functions can be accessed by QuickBooks users and the type of access they should have, like, create, modify, delete, print, or view-only. With RDS, companies can further minimize the risk of data being stolen or lost.

Each user needs to login to establish a session with the server. Eventually, QuickBooks data is never transmitted directly outside the server, and therefore, the chances of being intercepted are minimal.

Also, because the data resided on the server, so the compromised laptops should not contain the copies of the company data file.

5. More control

RDS gives more control to the system administrators over QuickBooks. The software and the company data file are maintained in an environment which is only accessible by the administrators. Setting up of Remote Desktop Services, most of the businesses find RDS relatively much easier to set up.

For those who need expert help, so Intuit Solution Providers can provide them on-site assistance with acquiring the appropriate hardware, licenses and configuration of the server for RDS2.

They also offer their expertise in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions installation. If your business has an IT department, then they often already have the certain experience and skills to implement RDS. And If not, then many retail stores that sell servers will also provide such services.

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