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4 Popular Types of Angle Grinder Discs

The angle grinder is a useful tool for grinding, polishing or cutting a variety of materials. This tool can range from the small hand-held unit to the large unit and easily works on glass to different metals. It is essential to use the right angle grinder and disc to match the intended use. They vary significantly in relation to speed, safety, power and size. Here are a few of the most popular types of angle grinder discs:

Grit Discs

The grit discs are the low-cost option for grinding the hard substances like metal or stone. This disc is relatively thin at about 6 mm and unlikely to last long before a replacement is needed. However, they have the ability to cut at a very quick speed compared to most of the alternatives. Plus, they are quite light which makes them useful when working on overhead applications or when on a ladder.

Diamond Discs

The diamond discs are a high-quality option to work on a variety of materials. They are mostly used for jobs that need grinding or cutting, and work at a faster rate than the grit discs. They have the potential to last for a long time and are still quite affordable. Plus, the diamond discs are a safe choice to use because there is a much lower risk of the disc slipping off the grinder.

Wire Wheel

The wire wheel is the preferred option for projects that involve removing paint and rust, as well as to polishing bare metal. The object that is being worked on must be solid like metal to avoid damage because the wire wheel isn’t very flexible. Also, the type of wire wheel disc can vary with the different application. The most effective option for removing rust from metal is the twisted wire wheel, while the cup brush type is likely to be less effective and will take a lot longer to complete the job.

Wood Discs

These discs are purpose made to work on all types of wood. But, the discs intended to cut wood only can limit its all-round usefulness. So, to get the most from the grinding tool, it is generally better to buy the dual-purpose discs that have the ability to cut both wood and steel. This is particularly useful if a nail needs to be removed from the wood. The preferred wood disc is referred to as Arbortech which is the most resilient and long-lasting.

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