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Wooden Artwork

We all know that our home decor is a direct personification of our style and personal taste. We give a lot of importance to choose decor things that will depict a beautiful personal appeal in our home. A person’s home is not a place to just stay but it is a mirror personality. There are wide arrays of home decoration styles that we can choose from, that determines which style suits us and our ‘home sweet home’. Among many styles that are now in fashion, one such style that people often imbibe is the “Traditional Pattern Theory”.

Are you in love with the traditional looking wooden printing blocks? Or you personally love printing blocks? A century-old method of designing the home decor, printing blocks is simple ways to bring life in the fabrics are used in decorating the home. Block printing basically refers to a method where cotton cloth and paper are printed with colours by pressing them upon an engraved surface coated with colouring matters. The traditional skills and technique that are used in carving the perfect design are what it takes to make it just unique.

If you are a true lover of textile, art and craft, having fun with block printing can never stop you to do the interior decor with alluring designs of wooden printing blocks that are hugely available nowadays. A perfect blend of traditional yet contemporary designs, the printing blocks are quite durable and liven up a dull piece of the material in the most enigmatic way.

One can also decorate their house rooms with beautiful wooden artwork which has traditional pattern carved on them. Be it your home or office, canvas printing never fails to charm anyone. With impeccable designs, text, effects, styles and of course colours ranging from creative to complex patterns, canvas printing bring a dramatic effect and spice up the interior.

Printing blocks are many designs, as mentioned before; however, the designs are quite impressing as they appear to be. Ranging from Peacock with its feather all spread out, an elephant walking with a bride on his back, a beautiful sea shell, a meditational chakra, a leaf design, pattern of fish designs, a rich design of heena hand of a girl, Lord Ganesha embedded design blocks prints to name a few among many alluring designs. This hand carved wooden textile printing brings a touch of traditional roots in the home decor, letting the old tradition of decor stay bliss in our lives.

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