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Wood Vs Glass Coffee Tables

If you are considering buying a coffee table, you may have taken note that they come in a big range of sizes, shapes, texture, quality, colors, and designs. Regardless of your particular style or home design, there is a one that will be perfect for your individual room or home. Since these tables are both decorative, stylish, and practical, you should definitely have one or more of them.

Because there are so many different varieties of coffee tables to choose from, it can become somewhat daunting to try to pick the one that is the perfect fit for your house or individual room. Specifically, one question you may be considering is “Which is better: glass or wood”.

The easiest answer is: What about both? You might have two living areas that could benefit from a coffee table and there’s no reason that a wood coffee table and a glass coffee table can’t be togethe in the same house. However, it may be that space and budget are concerns and you may only be able to purchase one table right now. So you find yourself faced with a decision.

Glass coffee tables are terrific pieces of furniture. They have a more refined and clean look and since you can use a glass cleaner, you don’t have to think about ruining the table by failing to use a coaster with your beverage. But even though they look good, they aren’t necessarily the sturdiest. A glass coffee table could break if you hit it too hard, or put your drink down too hard, or put down a plate that is very hot. This is definitely the risk you take to get the streamlined and clean look a glass coffee table provides.

Wooden coffee tables are also fantastic pieces to have in your home. Often, they have more of a rustic look and look good with a neutral or earthy decor. You may have to worry about messing up the stain or paint on a wood table and sometimes they may chip. One major downside to a wooden table is that if you break it you have to purchase a whole new table. With a glass table, you could always just get a new piece of glass for the top.

In the end, both are great and have their place in the home. I rarely meet a coffee table I don’t like for some reason. The most important thing is to select the one that best complements the look and feel of the room you plan to place it in and your house as a whole.

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