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Wireless Credit Card Terminals

This article is for those merchants that specialize in doing business away from their brick and mortar office. There is technology utilizing Wireless Credit Card Terminals that can make your job easier and not as costly when accepting charge cards at the door. Those that accept cash or check might want to take a second look at being a Visa merchant or MasterCard merchant.

The heating and air conditioning industry is a good merchant example to make a point. When a problem arises with a customer’s equipment, they generally look online or in the yellow pages for a company that accepts charge cards (i.e. they look for the logos in the advertisement) and is close to where they live. I was in this position a few summers ago. The company made a simple repair and the cost was about $130. The repairman had to call his office give them the credit card information over the phone. Then he entered the information into his lap top so that it could be down loaded later when he got home; then he hand wrote my receipt. From the time I gave him the credit card till I got my receipt was about 15 minutes.

It would have been much quicker if the repairman had been carrying a wireless charge card terminal. Wireless credit card terminals work similar to brick and mortar terminals. The rate for the heating and air conditioning company is much lower because of the card present rate that is in effect. Customers can be assured that no fraud or scam is being perpetrated against them-card present solves that problem. The technician scans the card, prints a receipt in front of the customer.

Another good feature of using wireless for the merchant is that most gateways that connect the wireless terminals to the processor have software to transfer the transactions to most popular accounting programs like QuickBooks or even to Excel programs. No more reentering transactions.

I also was surprise that many wireless credit card terminals have debit pin capability. If you have a Merchant Services Cost Sheet, look at the much lower cost of pin debit. Most transactions done at the door are over $35-40 and would save a tremendous amount over a 5 year period. Remember that pin debit is just like cash. Checks can be canceled. Charge cards can be disputed. Every checking account that I have opened there has been a check card that was mailed to me. Your customers have them and can use the debit card instead of a check.

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