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Windows and Glazing: Common Types of Glazing Perfect For Your Windows

It is not enough that you know some basic information about of windows and glazing and buy whatever stocks a supplier may provide. Deepen your investigation by knowing the kinds of glazing and how they improve the performance of your glazed windows. Window orientation, type of building, and climate are one of the factors that should be considered in the kind of glazing.

Window Gas Fills

Double glazing windows have gas fills in between them. These gases, like argon and krypton, are not reactive with other substances and their sole purpose is to provide insulation so that heat will not flow in and out of the house. Double glazed windows are very helpful during winter and can help you save money from overusing the heater. In terms of toxicity of these gases, manufacturers assure that these gases are inert, non-toxic, odorless and relatively harmless when glass is broken and the gases would come out.

Heat Absorbing Tints

If your window is often exposed to direct sunlight, tinted glasses is a great option. In a tint glazing, certain percentage of solar heat, glare and transmittance of solar energy are decreased but the glass material will still continue to conduct heat. Gray-and-bronze-tints are the most common while blue and green tints are perfect for hot climates. The saturation of tints should be controlled or else the growth of potted plants near the window may be affected. Wrong color saturation may also be harmful to the eyes.

Low-Emissivity Window Glazing or Glass

This kind of glazing makes use of a microscopically thin metallic oxide layer in giving extra protection in lowering radiation in warm regions or preventing cold temperature from coming in. E-coatings can be customized for hot climates, shaded and unshaded areas. There are also soft coat and hard-coat glazing designed for a window’s resistance to moisture. Because soft coats can easily be destroyed with moisture, this is often applied in between panes for multi-paned windows. Hard-coats can also be applied directly in the glass layer directly affected by frost or sunlight.

Reflective Window Glazing or Glass

When you want windows and glazing for warmer areas, reflective glazing can be a good choice. This kind of glazing is manufactured to reduce heat gain but does not block light transmission. Thus, even with the glazing, a family can still enjoy natural light inside the house. However, windows and glazing in this kind should be located in strategic areas that cannot be reached with lightning.

Selection of Windows and glazing need a careful, conscious decision. This time, it is best to be scientific and accurate so that your windows and glazing can be used effectively. Let an expert see the location of your house for him/her to foresee the amount of light, frost or moisture that could attack your windows. Houses in the neighborhood may also give you an idea on the kind of glazing to use.

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