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Window Screens – Theft Proof Windows

We hear about burglaries daily in the neighborhood and things we learn from these burglaries include: secure our family and our house. Most of the burglaries that happen in the neighborhood are reported to be happened by opened window screens of houses. The reason behind burglaries is actually our carelessness as we forget to lock entrance doors and windows with an assumption that nothing bad will happen in the street but nowadays burglary rates are rising and economic recession has made everyone to live from hand to mouth therefore the desperation and lack of money can make people to do something as bad as a burglary.

The home security dealers can eradicate the possible burglary threat to your house by providing some extra ordinary security measure to the loop holes which will result in the burglary. One such measure includes the secure window screens which provide basic prevention from thieves, intruders and burglars.

Window screens for the security purpose are manufactured from steel and they have an appearance similar to the insect screen. The material of these windows is very robust and durable and eliminates the chances of possible intrusion in your house. The steel of these screens cannot be cut by knife and these screens cannot be removed by the weight of the intruder, they can stand immense amount of pressure without moving an inch. These security screens look like a net of steel which allows air and light to pass and blocks insects to enter. From a distance they may look like an ordinary mesh but actually it is strong enough to protect your home from any intruders.

Windows protected by window screens can assure you some additional protection to your house and valuable stuff in it without blocking the entry of air and light in your house. As the screens to block insects entering the house can be removed in a jiffy but window screens are installed on permanent basis for the security reasons.

Now, you may ask what will happen if your home catches fire? Will you be trapped inside your house? No, because these windows can be removed from the inside by simply unlocking the bolt and removing it from the hinges and hence providing you an easy way to escape from such fatal situations. If you want to avoid these troublesome situations of theft and burglary then you should think about the installation of window screens. I hope these tips will be helpful for you.

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