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Why Your Mental Illness Struggle Is Inspiring

Dear Fred,

Your mental illness struggle is inspiring. I know you will disagree, but I hope you will read this and come to understand that you really are an inspiration.

I see the efforts you make just to function. I know the risks you have to take, the faith you must show, simply to do what many people take for granted. Daily things that seem easy to so many. The fact that you do these things when you’re feeling so empty, afraid, and de-energised is inspiring.

The strength you show in your weakness, to share so honestly when you can; I find that amazing. That you can be courageous enough to be vulnerable when you’ve possibly never felt so vulnerable. I want to encourage you. Keep it up. Keep being you!

The fact that you keep showing up the best you can, even on days when you’re unable to leave the house, and especially when some days you feel hopeless and barren, says to me that you’re a fighter and not a quitter. Even if you feel like a quitter.

You have told me you often have no vision for the future, and the present looks so murky. That you keep living each day the best you can, even if it’s harder than anything you thought you’d ever face, portrays a hope in you that displays a powerful faith.

The struggles you face are sometimes so enormous, and yet you keep living the best you can.

I know that in reading these words you still won’t believe me. That’s okay. It’s my truth. That you inspire me. It’s real to me. I’m not just trying to flatter you. You of all people appreciate the truth.

I want you to know that when I thank God for people in my life, I thank Him for you, because He has used you to teach me much about resilience, faith, courage, and a never-give-up and never-say-die attitude.

I don’t pity you, but I do ask God that you’d be rewarded with freedom for the faith you show.

Keep fighting the good fight!

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