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Why Your 2017 Personal Protection Plan Should Include Education & Training

First, Start Now, educate yourself, you will need to know if you can lawfully carry Safety or personal protection products in your state. Many states have size and strength restriction for pepper spray then there are some states that have restrictions on where you have the right to purchase products like stun guns or Mace. Don’t spend your hard earned money on personal protection products a law enforcement officer will confiscate and possibly put you in jail just for having it unlawfully in your possession.

Next educate yourself on how or when you can lawfully use one of these weapons, it’s called justifiable use of force. These products are for non-lethal self-defense or family protection only and not to be used for fun and games or left lying around for children to have access to. Possession, use and storage of self defense products is your personal responsibility. Be sure to follow all Federal, State and Local laws or risk going to jail. If you end up in jail that means you unlawfully used your self defense weapon on someone and now you are going to experience another form of robbery, it’s called the criminal justest system. With Attorney fees, court costs, fines and victim restitution like hospital bills or lost wages you would be well advised to do your homework and get some self defense education and training.

Now when looking for a good value for a family budget, safety kits that include a collection of personal protection products for a discount is a good choice. The cost to purchase these products separately would be far more. Another plus is these kits are built for a particular situation like the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women is a specifically structured Kit to help keep women safe while at home or out and about. These kits include a manual with instructions for each product in the kit and a DVD that demonstrates each product for you. Safety kits available in addition to the one mentioned above are the Extreme Collage Survival Kit, the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit, and the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit. Help protect your young adult children with the extreme collage survival kit. Check the laws in your state first.

To get started on your family protection plan for 2017, educate, train and equip yourself with new hi-tech personal and home protection products and study how to use them properly. look for new hi-tech low cost protection products for your family. Learn how to lawfully protect yourself or your family in a dangerous situation.

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