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Why Is Labeling an Integral Part of the Packaging Process?

Earlier this month, the label industry celebrated the Labelexop-Europe 2013 in Brussels, an annual event that unites industry professionals, executives and experts. It showcases new technology, provides social networking capabilities and offers new opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs and upstarts.

“We knew that we would have more new technology on show than ever before but to see it all live was astounding,” said Douglas Emslie, group managing director, who noted that there was also a global label awards ceremony too. “Labelexpo Europe yet again proved to be the global event for the industry.”

This has led to the question: why is labeling – and machines – such an integral part of the packing process for manufacturers all over the world? Indeed, labeling offers consumers the ability to read about the product, its contents and even the company that produced the said item.

Labeling is an important part of a product’s package. It is used by most industries including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and many others. Labeling is also important when preparing goods for transporting, warehousing and other logistical reasons. Labeling is used by companies, institutions, government organizations as well as for personal use.

Product labels are used primarily to convey information to the end-user as to how a particular product is to be used, recycled, disposed of or transported. In some cases, product labeling is also used for tracing and tracking purposes. In addition, for a large number of products, labeling is not only for information purposes but is also required by regulatory authorities in order to ensure user safety (for example medicines, food items and chemical products).

Labeling machines are widely used by such industries and are an essential part of the product packaging process. Certain labels are nationally and internationally standardized, such as bar codes, universal product codes, etc. There are some labels that include product certifications, trademarks and proof of purchase while others that need country of origin labeling. Many products that are shipped contain shipping information as well as labels indicating hazardous material, dangerous goods, flammable etc.

Since labels are an important part of the product packaging process, machines are used very frequently. Machines aim to make the process of labeling simpler. There are both semi-automatic and automatic machines and they come in different sizes and with different features. Many machines are specifically designed to the type of label and the type of product that is being labeled. There are also slower speed labeling machines and high speed models. The high speed models can have the ability to label hundreds or thousands of labels per minute. They also have the ability to label multiple sides and dispense multiple labels.

Other machines consist of vial labeling, ampoule labeling, hologram and security labeling. All of these crucial to the packaging process and each machine is fully durable, low maintenance costs and provide a tremendous amount of efficiency that can result in enhanced productivity and higher revenues.

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