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What Is ISO 16001 Certification?

The ISO 16001 certification is commonly known as the Energy Management Systems certification. As the name suggests, this certification is designed to help your business use energy in an efficient manner and the certification of your business will not only cut down energy costs in your business but also present a positive image to your consumers and stakeholders.

ISO 16001 certification benefits your business in many ways including:

  • Thoroughly embed energy management systems into your business in all areas of your work. This reduces energy costs to further business savings. Your energy consumption will be much more efficient and economic in your business at all levels.
  • Enhance your reputation through energy management systems that promote environmentally conscientious business practices. Voluntary dedication to cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions is shown through ISO 16001 certification and can have a significant impact on consumers and investors.
  • Improve business branding by demonstrating your company’s environmental credentials. This will also help you to stand out as a leading competitor against other businesses through voluntary ISO 16001 certification.
  • Include your staff in your energy management systems allowing them to “make a difference” through the ISO 16001 certification program. This will improve staff morale and retention as you work together to ensure your business meets international energy management standards.

The certification process includes training programs, conferences and energy management courses to help you understand how your business energy management could be improved. You will also need to obtain various resources and materials to properly manage and regulate energy consumption within your business.

The ISO 16001 certification is just one of many possible voluntary international certifications your business could obtain. ISO (International Organisation for Standards) deals with over 18,000 standards and formulate approximately 1,000 new standards every year. This is why it is important to ensure you keep your certification up to date and attend regular ISO 16001 certification conferences.

The certification itself can be obtained from a variety of regulating bodies and is usually accessible through an online training provider. These training portals can provide you with access to the right resources, materials, training courses and more that you and your business will need in order to fulfill the requirements for a certification.

The certification itself ensures businesses have the right system in place to meet internationally recognised standards for the efficient use of energy at all levels of their business. If you want to ensure your business is properly aware of its environmental impact and reduce energy costs in the long term management of your company then the ISO 16001 certification is for you. The certification will also help you to identify local requirements for energy management to ensure your business practices comply with national energy management regulations and legislation. Legislation on this issue can vary from area to area, which makes the certification even more important for larger companies who have operations in a variety of locations. Ensuring all sections of your business are operating to the same level of standards and that they all comply with local regulations is vitally important for any business. This standardisation of energy management is what the ISO 16001 certification achieves.

Source by Mark Hannt

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