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What Are The Main Causes Of A Prolapsed Uterus?

The uterus is the most sensitive organ of a woman’s body. Prolapsed Uterus is a condition that occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are not able to support the uterus. In such case, the uterus of sufferer lost its original position and slips down into the vagina which is also called as the birth canal. The pelvic floor muscles are composed of muscle fibers and supportive tissues which help to lift the uterus and anus at their place. It also allows passing down urine and feces. The weakness of the muscles occurs due to the complications at the time of childbirth or age factor also plays a vital role in such condition. With the age, the production of estrogen decreases which causes the fall of the uterus into the birth canal. The Prolapsed Uterus Treatment with non-surgical methods and Ayurvedic remedies can cure the condition.

The Main Causes Of A Prolapsed Uterus And Its Treatment:-

  • Weakness Of Muscles: The pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in supporting the uterus and lift it at its original place. The supportive tissues and muscles no longer support the organ to keep it in its place. When the muscles start to weaken or sag, the uterus or the womb falls down into the vagina.
  • Lack Of Estrogen: Estrogen is a hormone which contributes to puberty. In other words, it helps to develop secondary sexual characteristics. It also strengthens the pelvic area of the female which uplifts the womb. With the growing age, the body stops producing the hormones that directly contributes in descending the womb outside.
  • Menopause: When menstrual cycle comes to the end, after a certain age, the situation is called as Menopause. The secretion of Estrogen also reduces to a great extent and like other parts of the body, the pelvic area also gets weaken. This leads to falling of the uterus into the vagina.
  • Childbirth: There are many women in the world who pass away at the time of delivering the child. In such situation, the pelvic area becomes weak and there are more chances of prolapsed uterus.

Lifting The Prolapsed Uterus Back With Herbal Treatments:-

The Prolapsed Uterus Treatment is proven to uplift the uterus back to its original position with non-surgical and herbal methods. The exclusive herbal treatment is safe and the medicine is prepared from rare herbs which help to cure the condition. Grahi is the medical content from the treasure of Ayurveda having beneficial properties in defining pharmacological specifications of the medicines to cure the condition and provide relief from pain. It strengthens the pelvic floor and supports its ligaments.

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