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What Are the Different Sunless Tanning Techniques?

One of the longest running fads of all time is the bronzed skin look. Tanning has become a favorite pastime for many people since golden skin became the in thing. These bathers love the summer time when free tans are all around for the taking!

That was until distressing news about links between sun rays and skin cancer became prevalent. This has opened the door for the development of sunless tanning techniques.

What is it?

If you have not heard that much about sunless tanning you may be wondering what it is. Basically, sunless tanning involves any method from which you can get a tan without the harmful effects of the sun. Sunless tanning is considered the safest way you can get a tan thanks to research and discoveries about UV rays and their link to skin cancer.

You may have also heard this called indoor or artificial tanning. Whatever you call it there is one thing you can count on, you do not have to lie in the sun to get a bronze or golden tan.


Due to mans research and ingenuity there have been many methods developed in which you can get a sunless tan. There are in fact many different types of tanning techniques for you to choose from. There are a few that require professional assistance but many can easily be done in the comfort of your own home.

The effectiveness and satisfaction you feel with the sunless tanning method will depend greatly on your personal tastes and natural skin tones. There are techniques that can provide you with a very natural looking tan while others will look artificial and somewhat awkward. The perfect method depends a lot on you.

If you are still curious but not sure which to choose here are some of the most popular sunless tanning methods available currently.


The newest player on the block when it comes to sunless tanning is the airbrush method. It is a new technology that is still being tweaked and researched. Nevertheless, the basics of the technique include the use of DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone. Quite simply the liquid is spayed over your body with an airbrush. You can achieve a nice tanned glow that will last approximately 5-10 days depending on the quality of the paint used and how vigorously you work to remove it.

Even though this is a relatively new concept, the ingredients in sunless airbrushing paint have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Honestly, these paints are recommended as safer than your typical tanning bed.

Sunless Lotions

Today you can achieve a tanned look by purchasing and using lotion. There are quite a few products of this nature on the market and none of them requires you to be exposed to the suns UV rays. This is the cheapest sunless tanning method you can find.

Moreover, you can browse most of the choices at your favorite beauty boutique. Of all the sunless tanning methods, available lotions are considered the least efficient. This is not an across the board statement of course as many people find there are a few brands that work very well. Most utilize herbal remedies for tanning and many contain vitamins and minerals as well.

Tanning Booths

When you want to get, as close to the real thing as possible you will want to use a tanning bed or booth. You can actually feel the warmth on your skin. These booths are an artificial representation of the sun. The bulbs emit UV rays that tan the skin, in fact if you stay too long you can get a “sun” burn. The rays emitted will vary from one machine to the next, some claim only to produce UVA rays, while others are UVB.

No matter which UV rays you are talking about you should know that research indicates that both types are linked to skin cancer. This means that if you over expose yourself to a tanning bed you are running the same risks for skin cancer as you would with over exposure to the sun.

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