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Wanderlust Fashionista Interiors

I am an interior color fashionista, often playing with the 5 basic colors of Indian design, Vastu. Red spectrum aligns with Fire, Earth colors are brown, green, Metal/Air are silver, gold and copper, Water is the blue spectrum and Space is white or crystal.

Indian prints, with mandala and marigold flowers create so much joy and mixing unconventional patterns with modernistic furniture creates an overall harmony that is rich and vibrant. Keep the color palette similar in the section of the room for the energy to flow. Its all about balance whether with turquoise blues or with the exuberant reds that make me sing or even with the pale subtle shades that speak volumes with their shadows.

Combining a variety of patterns and textures creates a compelling mix and a layered look feels balanced instead of an overwhelming muddle of colors. Diverse paisley and jamavar pashmina blankets together with pacca embroidered quilts in stonewashed solid colors give the wanderlust look. Accent with vintage sari pillow shams giving the wow factor.

Choose patterns that feel harmonious and complement each other, the antique barn doors complemented by an authentic vintage coffee table, the textured woods and distressed paint taking in the antique inspiration. Antique Indian painted cabinets with Ganesha and Krishna bring in the energy element that is necessary in creating the balance.

If you want to stay simple go for the arched bookcases in natural wood tones and sheer organza curtains with just a touch of pattern. A banjara embroidered vibrant throw pillow on a leather sofa, an antique door headboard in an ivory bedroom gives a refreshing look. Stay laid back with soft cotton throws and soft toned pashmina blankets.

The powder room can have an element of surprise by using patterns in unexpected ways. Try mixing patchwork sari pillows in a random fashion and mixed with wall paper scrolls, the effect can be quite electric.

Lighting is a beautiful way to accent the antique cabinets. The silhouette of the brass Nataraja – dancing Shiva shadows onto the wall creating an amazing artwork. Hand carved vases with candles soften the edges and give a beautiful exotic ambiance to the bedroom. Old brass urns and peacock lamps beautify the sitting area.

Give the northeast the most attention as this is your spiritual realm. Keep all 5 elements, such as crystals, water fountain, candles and plants arranged in a beautiful manner, connecting you to the higher self. The colors are mainly blues and this will magnify your prosperity in all aspects of life.

Color your life with joy and happiness and abundance! Peace!

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