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Vintage Style Interiors

Fresh from a summer shopping trip to India, we share our gorgeous vintage artisanal finds. Vintage Indian designs pushes new boundaries respecting and redefining traditional design aesthetic appeal. The selection of vintage doors and arches is amazing and there are several options for every style and budget. I love designing with vintage décor pieces because it gives a sense of history and a collectors edge. Whimsical with history the palace doors tell stories of the dynasties that ruled the lands, the battles fought and the epic love stories that are so romantic.

Bohemian cabinets with slightly traditional patterns, furniture with old world textures and colors that have an artisan edge. Anything handmade or hand-painted goes on the very top of my list. Add drama to a room with Indian carved art or antique arched windows in dark teak wood. Monochromatic color palettes mix well with old world texture and patterns. Comfortable and practical with easy livability and a touch of glamour are also key elements to my vintage bohemian style.

Shopping in India is a whirlwind of color in ethnic tribal bazaars with colorful hand crafted home goods, and accessories. The intricate details and craftsmanship in each piece is extraordinary, so it can be overwhelming but also exhilarating. I love getting my hands on old patchwork quilts, silk pillows, sifting through the never ending piles, and talking to the artisans about their journeys and the age old traditional art that they still keep alive. The stories are so compelling about how they were made and what makes them meaningful.

Everything from India is based on age-old designs of vastu found on traditional architecture, and carvings in our artisans’ hometowns. I find old copper planters, iron pots with floral designs while wandering around the local markets. Creative, cross-cultural blends with Britsh Colonial mixing with Mughal architecture, the haveli doors are magnificent portals of history. Artisans have been carving these designs that have been passed down for hundreds of years, farther back than anyone can remember. It’s evident in the richness of history and the essence of energy that you find in each piece.

A diverse complexity, and story of everything you find and to design a space that speaks to your personal aesthetic, is a classic vintage epic decor in the making. Each piece should feel collected over time rather than a total symmetry of designs. Using vintage decor is special to curating a space that feels authentic, ecletic, unique and special.

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