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Unique Handcrafted Rugs For You – Berber Rugs

One of the best ways to brighten up a room and give it a more homey feeling is to add a nice plush area rug. Area rugs give a room a pop of color and enhance the overall decor. The type of rug can make a room feel cozy or luxurious. It is all determined by the type of rug you introduce to your space.

The History of the Berber Rug

The Berber rug has a long history of adorning floors. These beautifully handmade rugs have been around for centuries. Berber rugs originated in Morocco. During the time when there was no true written language in Morocco, tribal symbols were woven into these amazing rugs as a form of expression for the person who was weaving it. Much like hieroglyphics, the symbols woven on Berber rugs were a form of communicating legends and myths of times gone by.

The Uses for Berber Rugs

Berber rugs have had many uses in their rich history. They have been made to enhance sacred places and palaces. They have also been used as prayer mats. The symbols woven into each rug represent different spiritual beliefs. Some rugs are adorned with symbols of fertility and given to newly married couples to bless their home with many children. Others are created with symbols of protection to protect the home and its inhabitants from evil spirits. You can find, through the designs, a rich history of spiritual beliefs reflected in every symbol.

The Benefits of Berber Rugs

Berber rugs are made in different regions of Morocco. The difference in the region is reflective in the way the rug is made and what benefits it possesses. For rugs made in colder climates, the weaver will use loops that are larger in size to protect the home from the cold weather. In areas where it is warmer, the weaver will use a weave that is finer than the average weave. The weave of each rug is made to be adaptable in the climate it is expected to be utilized in. So, these rugs do not just add a little character to your personal space, but they also provide climate and spiritual protection.

Moroccan Berber rugs are not just a simple area rug to be placed in a room, they are a work of art with a history. Their traditional diamond and various symbols tell a tale of years gone by while bringing an underline spiritual element to your room. Their deep history makes them a great element to add to your home. The design and handcrafted woven knots make these rugs a conversational piece of art on your floors. These soft furnishings can be that one piece that will serve your home for years to come.

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