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Tummy Fat Exercises and Workouts To Lose Belly Fat Fast

The extra pounds of weight that you have gained in the midsection of the body cannot be lost overnight; it needs a proper and regular exercising routine to reduce fats. The fats that are present in the abdominal region are called as tummy fat and it deposits like a thick layer of fluffy skin near the stomach. There are number of exercises to reduce tummy fat but abdominal exercises along with cardio have been proven to reduce tummy fats in the stomach region. The implementation of abdominal exercises in our exercise routine aids the process of stimulation of metabolic activities thereby reducing tummy fats.

Abdominal Exercises

1. Leg cycling on air or Bicycle crunch

This is one of the simplest forms of abdominal exercise that can be practiced easily to reduce tummy fats. Just lie on the exercising mat and with your palms facing upward. Now hold your hand to grip the head and lift your legs above the ground and move them as if imaging that you are riding a bicycle.

2. Bridging

This abdominal exercises works our both abdominal muscles and the core muscles that supports your back. The starting position for the exercise is to lay flat on the exercising mat with your hands rested near your knees. Now contract your abdominal muscles and slowly lift your midsection of your body with the help of your hands gripped on the mat and shoulders in such a way that it forms a straight line through your hips and shoulders. Hold this position for about 10 t0 15 seconds and then come back to normal position. Repeat the exercise for at least 10 times in an exercising routine. Throughout the workout you will feel that your core muscles being stretched and contracted in the entire process.

Cardiovascular workouts

While the abdominal exercises helps us to get rid of tummy fats near the abdomen, cardio exercises helps us to maintain overall balance and it also helps in reduction of tummy fats. Jogging is a simple cardio workout that helps to reduce tummy fats substantially. It is preferred that jogging should be carried out in the early morning to get pure oxygen to your respiratory system. Usage of treadmill is also encouraged but see to that you carry out the exercise at an optimum speed so that you sweat yourself out during the workout process. Practicing of swimming is also encouraged as it stretches your core abdominal muscles to reduce more tummy fats.

Healthy food habit

Many think that when an exercise routine is carried out, there is no need to follow a balanced and healthy diet, but the irony is that a healthy diet aids in the process of reduction of tummy fats and also maintains our body healthy to carry out the regular workouts. A balanced diet burn more calories than an imbalanced one and supply rich amount of proteins and vitamins to nourish our body. Consumption of carbohydrates and fats should be reduced. Intake of more amounts of vegetables and fresh fruits are encouraged as it by our body to produce energy.

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