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Trends That Will Change the Face of Telemarketing Industry in 2015

We have already entered in 2015 and looking at the call center industry that is going to witness some changes this year. This year, the industry will go through some interesting trends and innovations that will drive the evolution of the BPO sectors this year. Let’s have a look at some predictions for key trends that will shape the call center industry matching customer care needs. These include:

Business Process Improvement (BPI) as an essential aspect

BPI will continue to be a driving factor in the evolution of BPO and call center services as a large number demand improvements in business processes-speed, quality, cost and flexibility. Today, transferring processes to a contact center supplier and get a customer service deal is not enough. BPI analyzes existing client processes, creates training aids, and maps out the processes needed to achieve desired outcomes.

Add-value to overall customer experience

In the past, call centers were evaluated on their low-cost ability to offer basic customer service. Today, they are evaluated on their strategic ability to deliver add-value to the overall customer experience. Therefore, contractors will look for a more strategic model of outsourcing than a low-cost service to have immediate gain.

Multichannel access

Customers always demand 24/7 support and expect flawless access to multichannel instantly. There are data and statistics showing that businesses following a multichannel customer care strategy to achieve more than double improvements in customer satisfaction. That is why contact centers will deliver a true and holistic multichannel customer care strategy to their clients. Now, customers will demand the faster and better experience. And, the call centers have to offer an improved customer care using social and live chat.

Develop the right talent

Sourcing a ready supply of qualified people will be a great trend that it will give call centers a huge competitive advantage. Clients expect their new business lines to be launched with the right number of agents having the right skill sets. Call centers with readiness and availability of a large talent pool will be able to cover the multichannel and the multilingual needs of clients.

In the US, there is no dearth of call centers that offer their clients best customer care services. But, telemarketing companies have to take a serious look at the forthcoming trends in order to overcome the expectations of the clients. When clients search telemarketing services for their businesses, they prefer the best talents and quality.

Source by Robb Auber

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