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Top 3 Reasons For Hauntings to Occur

Hauntings have been the topic of speculation for many years. People visit supposedly haunted sites to see if they can experience what so many people have been talking about. Ghost hunters visit the location and bring their equipment which is supposed to pick up on strange sounds to document it. However, the big question here is why do hauntings occur.

Hauntings are thought to occur because traumatizing events have happened in the location which leads to a disturbance of some sort. Many term these as psychic impressions. Many battlefields are known as haunted locations due to this reason. Soldiers died in battle which was not what they expected before they either were forced into the war or went voluntarily. Their souls may be traumatized by the events and they know no other location.

Another suspected reason is that a repeated action or event has led to an impression being caused somewhere. To explain this, theorists show the incredible number of staircases which appear to be haunted. This is a direct result of how many times the stairs are climbed up or down while they exist. The number is somewhere in the thousands and no one really keeps a count of how often this event really occurs because it is so incredibly often. Researchers think that the repeated actions have caused the sounds and sights to leave a permanent impression in the area which will appear and re-appear much like someone has hit the play button on a film projector but the scientific explanation behind this is not yet known.

Another predicted reason that haunting occur is because of an extreme attachment to someone or something at the area. The individual who is haunting the location may have died unexpectedly and wasn’t ready to. This can lead them to be attached to the location. Children may be haunting their homes because they grew up there and were able to find comfort there and no where else. They may also have expected their parents to remain there to care for them. Now that time has gone on, they realize that things aren’t going to ever go back to how they were when the children left to go to the other side of life. This may leave them disturbed which can cause very disturbing noises and creepy instances. On the other hand, many times spirits wish to remain where they died. Some are very peaceful and don’t disturb anyone but exist. Existing is, unfortunately for them, enough to scare many people and term them as ghosts who cause paranormal activity.

Many people also wonder that if they get to the root of why the area is haunted that they will be able to get rid of them. This is seldom true because they have their own personalities and some appear to be very stubborn and set in their ways. They’ve decided to remain somewhere and no matter what you say or do nothing is going to change that so you just have to deal with it in one way or another.

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