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Tips For Choosing A Bathroom Vanity For Your Home

Replacing the sink with a chic and stylish vanity can breathe new life into your bathroom. Available in a wide variety of styles and materials ranging from the traditional to contemporary, a vanity can determine the tone of the bathroom's decor. Bathroom vanities usually combine a sink with a cabinet, providing a functional and practical place to get ready in the morning. However, since there are so many types to choose from, you may be unsure as to which one you should purchase for your home. Before making a final decision, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom vanity.

Determine who will be using it on a regular basis. You may admire the one with a marble sink, but if children will also be using it, perhaps a porcelain one will be more practical for the whole family. At the same time same, if you currently have a single sink vanity, consider upgrading to a double sink one. Double sink vanities make your bathroom more functional and can conveniently divide the space into "his" and "hers" or "parents" and "children."

It will be the focal point of the bathroom. The style that you select will set the ambience of the room. Inspired by the fashions, trends and social customs of the past, traditional style is recognizable by silk finishes, cabriole legs, inset panels, hand-carved details and antiqued hardware. Typically, transitional style contrasts austere lines with intricate curves, and natural wood finishes with lustrous metal accents. Contemporary bathroom vanities are recognizable by simple lines, shapes and forms. Country style combines formal traditional conventions with rustic charm and display distinctive regional characteristics like French country or Colonial.

They are made from a wide variety of materials. They are usually constructed of ceramic or porcelain, stone, marble and glass, but can also include metals such as copper and steel. When selecting the type of sink you want for your vanity, consider durability, practicality and if it will be easy to keep clean. Depending on the style and model, the sink or a sink / faucet combination may or may not be included with the bathroom vanity.

Countertops should be practical, durable and resistant to water, moisture and humidity. Plastic laminate countertops for vanities are popular because they are generally durable, relatively stain-resistant and economical. Granite countertops are beautiful to look at and are strong and durable, while marble countertops are elegant and long-lasting.

Cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials, from the beautifully elaborate to the elegantly simple. No matter the style, wood vanities tend to make the room inviting. They may include drawers, enclosed shelving, open shelves and a pull-out stool for younger children. Metal vanities are decorative and enchanting, characterized by scrollwork and metalwork motifs. Because a metal bathroom vanity typically does not have enclosed storage, it would be an ideal choice for decorating smaller spaces, since it will make the space appear more open.

Like cabinets made of wood, painted bathroom vanities make a room look warm and inviting. They have the standard features of wood vanities in addition to details like hand-painted vine motifs, embossed floral patterns, gold highlights and distressed finishes. They create visual interest and can give a bathroom the luxurious feeling of a resort spa.

If you are redecorating a smaller bathroom and feel you do not have the room for a traditional vanity, consider installing a more compact style such as a pedestal sink or a vessel sink, which tend to take up less floor space. A pedestal sink is comprised of a basin and a freestanding vertical base. Typically, it does not include storage cabinets or shelving. Since it uses less space, it can make a small bathroom appear larger. Vessel sinks sit either directly on top of the counter or are partially recessed. They can be as simple as a glass bowl or so elaborate that they resemble works of art. The appeal of the vessel sink is that it appears to float above the counter, especially when constructed of glass or other reflective materials like stainless steel.

If the most-used room in your home needs updating, it does not have to mean a major renovation. Replace your old sink and countertop with a new vanity to give your bathroom a fresh, new look.

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