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Tips For A Novice On How To Hit A Golf Ball

When first starting to learn to play golf the hardest thing for a novice golfer to do is to learn how to hit a golf ball. For what seems a simple task it can be one of the most difficult thing in golf for beginners to master. No matter what age you are starting the learn to play golf you need to master this part of the game.

In this article we are going to look some simple tips on how to hit a golf ball and establish some basic areas you need to focus on when learning to play golf. So here are some tips on how to hit a golf ball:

1. Get the grip right. This is the cornerstone of your golf swing and learning how to hit a golf ball. There are a number of golf grips you can learn. Some are easier than others but the most used by professional golfers is the Vardon overlapping grip. Whatever grip you decide to use as you learn to play golf it is very important that you get this right as it is the one thing that links you to the golf club.

2. Watch the ball as you hit it – you will hear many golfers saying, after a bad shot, that they lifted their head while playing the shot. When you do this you tend to hit the top of the ball and hit a low shot across the ground. When your just starting to learn to play golf lifting your head will result in you missing the ball completely. It is important as you swing the golf club to look at the ball through impact. By focusing on the back of the ball during the swing and allowing the natural movement of the arms through the swing to lift your head as you follow through.

3. Less is more – do not get pulled in to the belief that you need to have a big swing to hit the golf ball. Especially when you are learning how to drive a golf ball it is tempting to make as bigger swing as you possibly can, well the pros make big swings don’t they? Well actually no they don’t. The arm swing is made to look longer by their flexibly and ability to rotate around their hips. It is important to stay in control and maintaining a straight arm across the chest when learning to how to hit a golf ball is important to developing consistency.

4. Swing slow – Many novice golfers make the same mistake when they learn to play golf. When working out how to hit a golf ball they think by swinging fast they will hit the ball further. While club head speed does effect the distance your ball travels when swing fast you lose control the majority of the time and miss hit the ball. Swing slow and controlled to allow your body and arm to get in the correct positions.

Learning to hit a golf ball is one of the most challenging things about golf for beginners. The tips above are a look into the things you need to consider when learning how to hit a golf ball. It is important to get as much help and advice as you learn to play golf this you can do from your local golf pro or from online resources including e books and videos. Practice is essential part of golf for beginners and pro’s alike keep the advice in the article in mind and you will soon be hitting the ball with ease.

Let me wish you all the best as you learn to play golf and especially as you master how to hit a golf ball I am sure you will become as addicted to the game as I am.

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