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Things You Must Know Before Going For A Skiing Trip With Your Family In South America

You might be a great skier yourself, but when it comes to teaching your child, do you find it difficult? If yes, then you may need a professional instructor who can train your child in the techniques of skiing. Take out some time for your children in their summer holidays and go for a skiing trip to South America with your family. But, before you head towards the Andes for the summer skiing and snowboarding camp, here are few things you should remember:

[1] It is better to prepare the gear, including goggles, boots, helmet/hat, gloves and hand warmers for everyone the night before you start off.

[2] Set a target of reaching the resort 30 minutes before the lifts open. This would help you to get the tickets and parking easily. This is especially for the summer vacation weekends when the rush is tremendous on the slopes of the Andes.

[3] Choose a camp that has advanced level slopes for proficient people and another set of bunny slopes for the kids. As you are going with a family on the skiing trip, it is essential that every member of your family gets his/her share of fun. Remember to check the age from which the camp allows snowboarding and skiing tuitions before you book the trip. Also, verify whether childcare facility, children’s club, or some other activities to keep the children engaged are available.

[4] Ski lessons in big resorts are pricey, but smaller ski areas are cheaper with rentals and ski schools. You should verify facilities like lodging facilities, restaurants and other amenities available with the resorts before booking your trip.

[5] Before you start your trip, inquire about the medical facilities available. There must be a clinic nearby with basic facilities. You need to get a medical insurance done for you, before you go, so that the medical bills can be added there.

[6] Choose a place that offers variety. When you are not snowboarding or skiing, you can enjoy the shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and indoor and outdoor pool and game rooms.

Where to go

Presently, one of the most popular facilities for family snowboarding in South America is the area around Bariloche in Argentina. From the snowboarding camps you can even avail the hourly bus service to downtown Bariloche. You can hike in the areas of Circuito Chio, visit the chocolate museum nearby, and do fly-fishing, horseback riding, ATV tours and boat tours to the islands. The weather in Bariloche is very soothing, so don’t pack stuffs suitable for an Antarctic expedition. You can take your standard ski gear and warm clothes to enjoy a comfy and exciting ski-trip with your family at Bariloche.

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