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Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Wall Art

Most furniture designers would say that what they do is a work of art and I would agree. The time and technique it takes to make a beautiful piece of furniture really says it all. Once you spend all that money on brand new furniture which depending on your style can be a bit. Why would you spend all that money and then just throw up any piece of artwork? Below I will discuss five things to keep in mind when purchasing wall art.

Wall Gallery

A collage of imagines can add so much life to a large wall. Pick pieces that are smaller in size. You can also add other wall decor to work within the collage. For instance, adding a small decorative mirror or other decorative wall decor to your wall will compliment the art and add even more character to the collage and space. Some say the larger the better when it comes to artwork. I tend to agree.


Don’t be afraid to look at magazines and art blogs before you go to purchase wall art. Shopping for the right artwork can be a bit overwhelming and doing your research before won’t hurt at all. You usually have an idea of what kind of furniture you want before you go into the furniture store. Same rule applies.


Adding wall art that is coloful is a great idea. You do want to make sure that it makes your space balanced. You don’t want the artwork sticking out like a sore thumb. Take into consideration your overall design scheme and how the art will fit on the particular wall you have chosen. Adding color is not a bad thing just make sure it fits within your color pallette.


Always design your living space to match your personality. Afterall, you are the one living there and spending the most time there. Same goes for wall art. Make sure you pick artwork that you love. Don’t just purchase wall art because the store told you it was impressive or a top artist painted it. Be happy with it since you will be walking by the wall hanging the art everyday.

Frame Or No Frame?

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on artwork to spruce up your living space. Buying art that fits your personality is best so an easy way to enhance a piece of art is to add a frame. Nine times out of ten this is a good rule to go by. Adding a decorative frame to your art can make it look even more expensive and it will look even better. The only time you won’t want to frame wall art is when its an extremely large piece. That can get very expensive and typically they look better unframed.

These are just a few ways to help you the next time you are on the hunt for new wall decor. Don’t be afraid of this process and have fun! Wall art can add so much to a room. You won’t regret it!

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