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Themes And Decorating Ideas For Party Tents

Most of the time, outdoor parties are harder and more time-consuming to organize. However, if planned and set properly, it will certainly be more memorable and enjoyable for the celebrants and guests.

The fixtures and features that you have for your outdoor party can contribute greatly to its success. One of the must-have fixtures you should have is a tent. This fixture provides shelter and protection to all guests. In addition, if decorated properly, it can reinforce the theme of the party, enhance the mood, and improve the appeal of the venue.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for themes and how to decorate a tent for an upcoming party or event, below are some you can consider:

• For a rustic, relaxing, countryside ambience that mimics a vineyard, rent a large tent with a slatted roof. This theme will work greatly for a birthday party for a grownup or a social gathering for adults. To set the tone, wrap silk grapevines around the grid work of the tent in a loose fashion so that the grapevines hang down a bit. Add silk flowers with bright shades such as red or yellow to the grapevines. You can further enhance the mood by having candlelit tables and strands of bistro lights draped at strategic places around the tent.

• Beach theme. Whether you will be having the event at an actual beach, a lakeshore, or in some other outdoor venue, you can make sure your tent keeps up with the theme with right decorations. Drape the poles with sand-colored, aqua chiffon, or airy pieces of fabric or drapery. You can also stick seashells onto the fabric. Consider covering the tables with blue or turquoise pieces of flowing fabric that will remain guests of ocean waves. For table centerpieces, place plastic crabs, fish, and coral. If you can buy or even make one yourself, hang a decorative mermaid from the ceiling for an eye-catching display.

• Traditional party decorations. If you want to go the simple, traditional route, you can do so. The tent will act as a suitable blank canvas for customary birthday décor. You can start by covering the tent poles in balloons so that the poles are completely concealed and look like massive balloon columns. Twist streamers and run them in zigzags along the ceiling of the tent. You can also bring out your functional Christmas lights and wrap them around each table and sprinkle the tabletops with confetti. These decorating tips will certainly get everyone into a great partying mood.

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