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The Structure And Working Principle Of Pan Mixers

Our architecture and construction world is changing rapidly because of the modern technologies and advanced machinery. Urbanization is leading us to the high rise buildings for offices and for home needs. In this context, construction is the important element and for a strong infrastructure, we need basic elements like cement, concrete, and machinery. The concrete mixer is traditionally prepared with the hand feed methods. However, the major drawback of the method is that it is time-consuming. As an alternative of the method, the builders are relying on the pan mixers. The pan mixers are used to make batches of concrete mixtures. The main benefit of preparing the mixture with the machines is the consistency of the mixtures and its efficiency.

The pan mixers basically consist of frame, stirring cover, follow-up paddle, cylinder, lifting slider mechanism, electric part, etc. The size of the tank and speed of the mixer depends on the product you choose as per the requirement of the site. The device comes in various shapes, sizes and principle workings. Big mixers are suitable for large construction sites which have strong mixing power and big tank for continuous batches. The portable mixers are used for the production of small batches and can be carried from one place to another with an ease. You can effectively improve mixing quality and speed with the high-quality products.

There are various types of mixtures available in the market that includes Vertical Shaft Mixers, Twin Shaft Mixers, Drum Mixers, Portable Mixers, etc. You can choose from the huge range of the products as per the requirement of the site. The process of preparing the mixture of the concrete is a three step process which includes loading, mixing and discharging of the content.

Loading: You need to load the required product in an appropriate amount for better consistency of the mixture. You need to load all the ingredients like cement, sand, gravel, concrete, etc. with the adequate amount of water for the consistent mixture.

Mixing: As per the requirement of the site, you would probably need different types of stationary mixers are employed in the process which has a different mixing efficiency and capacity. Using the mixing energy and forces, the device is used to obtain a consistent mixture of the concrete.

Discharging: The prepared mixture is discharged from the device in the rewinding motion. You can get the final product, i.e. mixture with an ease. You don’t need to do much effort in taking the mixture out.

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