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The Most Important Thing You Are Overlooking In Your Photography

So you’ve got your equipment covered. Check.

Super New Lenses. Check.

Filters, flash and extra lighting. Check.

So why aren’t your images in a new class of their own?

Why do they seem to lack something?

One of the questions that I get asked the most when meeting a new photographer is how to get better pictures, especially from those that are new to the field. My answer is always the same, forget the equipment that is in your hands, the most important aspect of any photography is the brain that is sitting behind the viewfinder.

The most important aspect of any photography is the brain that is sitting behind the viewfinder.

All the technical aspects, f-stops, exposure, shutter speed and white balance amongst others will let you achieve a technically correct image and not an emotively correct image. What is an ’emotively correct’ image? It’s an image that provokes some kind of feeling and emotion in the viewer. The most powerful imagery in history has always been emotion packed, a thousand word story captured in a split micro-second.

Lots of photographers either overlook this fact or don’t pay it the attention that it deserves.

Taking your viewers on a magic carpet ride of the world as seen through your eyes, not just simple captures of moments in time. All the greatest equipment in the world will be absolutely useless to you unless you can learn this one simple truth about photography.

Now obviously there are times, or will be times in your photographic journey where you will have to put this further back in your mind. Times when your artistic and creative vision will need to take a back seat. Times when you have to give the clients what they want, mainly this takes place in product photography.

Say for instance, that you have been hired to shoot for some kind of fashion label. I can practically guarantee you that they will not be interested in your artistic vision unless you were a part of the decision-making process for the entire campaign, which is very rare! At these times in your journey, sit back and give the clients what they are after. It will help you pay the bills.

Apart from those times when you have to do this, let yourself go. Don’t be tied down by any kind of dogma or well-meaning feedback from people that you didn’t even ask for. Follow your own instincts and remember to tell the story as you see it.

Only imitate those photographers that you like – as a starting point for your own style.

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