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The Importance of Parking Signs

All over the world, parking in public spaces is regulated in some fashion. The most easily understood way to accomplish this is with signs. Signs enforce parking policies to ensure public safety and reduce confusion in parking areas. Understanding the possible signs you might encounter in a public parking area can save you the hassle of fines of towing.

No Parking Sign

There can be a variety of reasons why a facility would post a no parking sign in their lot. Many times, these are used in areas where emergency vehicles might need to pass through or where fire hydrants are present. Whatever the reason, drivers who park their vehicle in these areas will often face hefty fines or other penalties.

Often times, any restrictions or penalties will be noted on the no parking sign. For instance, there may certain hours of the day in which parking in that area would be permissible. Paying close attention to what each sign indicates can save you money and aggravation.

Permit Parking Signs

Permits are usually in place to ensure that residents have a place to park. Often times, these signs will note certain hours in which parking is or is not restricted to permit holders. Most often, you’ll notice that permit signs can be found in areas where there’s a heavy flow of traffic.

Permit signs are also used to regulate lots at businesses. These could limit parking to the customers of a certain business. In some cases, these permit signs can be enforceable under city laws, but not always. Often times, failing to follow signs at business will not result in legal action.

Handicapped Parking Signs

Handicapped signs are some of the most common signs you’ll run into. All businesses are required to have handicapped accessible parking for customers and employees. Handicapped signs are very easily understood with their typical wheelchair graphic. Handicap parking, accompanied by handicapped signs, is found in areas closest to the building where the ground is level.

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