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The Cost Savings Benefits Of Buying An Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Supplemental space heaters are typically used when a home’s central heating system is costly to operate. In many instances, these zone heaters are more economical when individuals want to supplement the heat in select rooms rather than using central heat to warm the entire house. For this reason a zone space heater, such as an electric fireplace, is becoming a preferred method for environmentally and economically conscious individuals to add warmth and ambiance to their living spaces.

Space heater capacities generally range between 4,400 to 9,600 BTUs per hour and most rely on convection, which means air circulation, to heat a room. When using a space heater, safety is the top priority. Remember to purchase newer models that have current safety features such as automatic shut off and make sure the unit has the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) label attached to it. It is also advisable to purchase a heater that is thermostat controlled to avoid energy loss. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that all heaters have a thermostat and control system because individuals can save as much as 10% on their yearly heating bill. Simply turn the thermostat back 5 to 10 degrees for eight hours and pre-program it to only turn on when you and your family are at home.

Zone Heating With An Electric Fireplace

Forced air central heating systems distribute heated air from a central unit to various points in a home through a duct system. Furnace burners run through an on/off cycle as often as 3 to 4 times per hour depending upon a thermostat’s setting. During average heating weather, furnace function times may be relatively short with the furnace shutting down before efficiency is reached. This results in reduced efficiency through cycling losses much like a car’s mileage in stop and go traffic. Mileage isn’t being added to the odometer because the car isn’t moving. However, fuel is being consumed to keep the engine running even though the car isn’t going anywhere.

Room comfort levels often fluctuate because of this on/off cycle and it can become necessary to overheat the entire home just to maintain a certain comfort level in the areas that you are in. It is possible to end this expensive cycle through zone heating with an electric fireplace mantel package. Simply place or install an electric fireplace that offers a thermostat in the rooms most generally occupied, and set the temperature or heat range. Several contemporary electric fireplace packages offer on-screen digital programmable thermostats that work with a remote or can be manually controlled. The function indicator lights up when one is setting the temperature, then automatically disappears after 4 seconds. When lit, the function indicator light shows the temperature setting, downlight, brightness settings, and an automatic shut off timer for greater efficiency.

An Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Is Ideal For Home Savings, Safety, And Effect

Another safety aspect for individuals interested in including a zone heater in their home is whether a unit is vented or unvented. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that people do not utilize unvented units because they introduce unwanted combustion products such as carbon monoxide and water vapor into living spaces as well as depleting the available oxygen in the space where they are located. An electric fireplace mantel package can be the answer to this dilemma. Venting is not required for this type of heater, making it safe to operate inside a home while not needing to be located next to an outside wall because no chimney is required.

Ideal for energy efficiency, safety and flame effects, several of the newest fireplace mantel packages offer very realistic flame effects coupled with digital thermostats for easy heat control. On average, electric fireplaces plug into any standard 120 volt outlet in a home. Built-in electric fireplaces allow for either hard-wiring installation or plug-in for 120 volts (4,600 BTUs) or 220 volts (9,600 BTUs) of power. The units that use 220 volts of power double the heat output of those that use 120 volts. The majority of electricity rates for electric fireplaces run $.02 per hour without heat and $.12 per hour with heat, providing a terrific option for zone heating.

An Ideal Choice For Cost Conscious Individuals

While zone heating is one of the best methods for lowering heating bills, the method one selects does not need to be simply practical. Electric fireplace mantel packages are cost effective yet beautiful and can be placed anywhere in a room, on an inside or outside wall, above or below ground, or even fit into a corner which allows for greater versatility. Being economical does not need to be dull or boring any longer.

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