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The Best Survival Knife Options – Ka-Bar Becker BK9

The Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is at the top of my shortlist for one of the best survival knife options in the large knife category. The Becker BK9 is so well reviewed around the Internet that you will be hard pressed to find anything negative about this blade. The heft, construction, and price make it one of the best survival knife options for the money.

Here are the Stats:

Overall Length: 14.75″

Blade Length: 9″

Weight: 1.05 lbs

Price: $68 – $75

Why Choose a Large Survival Knife?

Some people like carrying a large survival knife and some people don’t. It is purely personal preference. I for one would rather be stuck in the wilderness with a large survival knife and have to carry the extra weight of it, than have a knife that is easy to carry however cannot handle the heavy-duty cutting chores like the BK9 can.

This knife is phenomenal for large chopping and cutting chores. The 1060 Carbon Steel blade keeps a strong edge and is easy to sharpen. When I carry this knife with me camping I never have to bring a hatchet with me because the BK9 does equally as good or better than any field hatchet that I have split with. Having a large knife like this actually allows you to carry less gear and therefore less weight.

The Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is super impressive and you will see this in the arsenal of the most experienced outdoor survivalist. I have seen this knife a number of times on survival shows like man, woman, wild and Man vs. wild. This is one of the best survival knives that I have had the pleasure of testing.

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