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The Advantages of Gas Braais

There is much to say and debate about whether it’s best to braai with gas, wood or charcoal. With these braais, it is easy to ignite and it does not take long before you can start your barbeque. There’s no need to spend more time waiting for the charcoal or wood to heat up and reach the right temperature for braaing. Gas braais give you the always-ready-to-braai ability. Lighting charcoal isn’t difficult but it also isn’t as quick as gas.

Here are some of the advantages of having a gas braai:

  • There is less smoke. There is no charcoal or wood being burnt in order to braai therefore there is much less smoke. The only smoke you do get is the sizzling smoke from the delicious piece of steak.
  • It can go on and on. Because gas braais are controllable, you can switch it on and off as you need it throughout the day. Also, these braais give you instant heat.
  • The controls are at your fingertips. They are easy to control and the heat settings are adjustable. You can adjust the flame and heat intensity according to how you want to braai. They have heat level indicators which make it very easy to control.
  • Convenience. Gas braais are always readily available for use, provided you have your cylinder filled with gas, of course. All you need is your braai with your cylinder connected to it and a click of a knob. There’s no need to start a fire.
  • Easier cleaning. Gas braais are made with materials that can be easily cleaned with some water, soap and a brush. They also come with drip trays to collect all the oils and spills that are caused during your braai. So there is no need to spend time waiting for the ashes to cool down before you can dispose of it.
  • It is versatile. With all the added features, it gives braaing a whole new dynamic; whether you choose the side burner for your sauces and gravies or pap and sauce. They also have warming racks that can be used for extra cooking space or to keep the meat warm or slow cook a delicious garlic roll. Other features include storage areas, wheels for easy movement, Piezo ignition and so on.
  • Quality and variety. Gas braais are built with quality materials for durability and versatility. They also come in different shapes and sizes thus making it easy to find the right version for your family or household.

A gas braai has many advantages over the traditional coal burning braais, namely convenience, speed, time, versatility and cost. A gas braai will make braaing easier therefore making braaing a more exciting and frequent activity in your life.

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