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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Drink Coasters

Coasters are functional accessories designed to act as the first line of defense, guarding your expensive table surfaces from careless damage due to water rings, spills, drips, and scratches. While almost any material can be used to make a coaster, the quality of the substance that it is made of will determine the functionality of the final piece. Natural stone, in a wide variety of stone types, is becoming very popular in the coaster world, due to a range of natural characteristics which the different types of stone possess.

First of all, natural stone can refer to any of a wide variety of materials. Slate, sandstone, travertine, onyx, fossil stone, marble, and granite are all types of natural stone which are quarried from mountains, and then refined into useable pieces.

Each of these has its own unique properties, which makes it appropriate to various uses. Sandstone, one of the most popular coaster materials, is noted for its ability to absorb the moisture from a sweaty glass, holding it within its belly until the liquid has a change to evaporate away into the air. Slate has a similar absorbent property, but is also noted for its durability, and ability to withstand stains and scratches.

Marble and onyx are very similar materials, which are both able to take a high polish, but which can also be found in tumbled, or rough gauged finishes. While they do not have the ability to absorb very much moisture, they do tend to have an upscale style and sophistication, which makes them desirable in a high end setting.

One of the great things about natural stone coasters is that they allow you to bring the raw beauty of the natural world into your home, in a subdued and easy to control manner. Tiny, innocuous, and functional, natural stone coasters are a piece of a towering mountain range that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Of course you have to be careful when trying to maintain these pieces. Since they are made from natural stone, they aren’t designed and engineered by humans, and so they are subject to staining on occasion. If a colored liquid falls on the coaster, be sure to wipe it down with a warm wash cloth as quickly as possible.

Stone coasters are a beautiful way to bring the natural world into your home. Durable, reliable, and host to a wide variety of functional features, they may be the ultimate when it comes to drink coaster innovations. However you have to be certain to watch out for staining and messes that may sometimes occur.

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