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Taking Care or Your Stairlift Properly

Regular stairlift maintenance is important so it is safe and functional. Don’t take for granted how well it has been working. By keeping an eye on the details, you can extend the life of it. You can also avoid costs for repairs or replacing it. Such servicing should be done by a professional in your area.

Keeping it clean, oiled, and functional is very important. There are small things that need attention with such a device. Allowing a professional to check on it can help to identify anything that may be going wrong. Simple procedures can prevent the device from needing a new motor or other expensive elements.

Consider it a source of prevention that will help you to save money in the long run. Those checkups don’t take very long and they aren’t expensive. If the provider does see something that is a risk, they will discuss it with you. They will talk about the cost involved to repair or to replace the issue. They won’t complete any work on it until you have authorised for them to do so.

Under Warranty

If your product is under warranty, you need to take that into consideration when it comes to stairlift maintenance. The warranty may require only approved providers to be able to conduct such work for you. If that is the case, you need to get a list of those who are authorised and then decide who you will hire for the job.

Otherwise, it can void your warranty coverage. It could result in you paying out of your own pocket for those appointments and any repairs. That is going to be upsetting due to the fact you thought you had a very good warranty on it. They may restrict you to certain providers to ensure the work is done by someone whom they deem as well qualified for their product.

If the device isn’t under warranty, you have the freedom to work with any stairlift maintenance provider you like. It is a good idea to find out about them and learn about their services as well as their reputation. You want the best provider you can find both for warranty and non-warranty products. You need to be confident they know what they are doing!


The intervals between stairlift maintenance sessions will vary depending on your needs. If it under warranty, the company may only approve it every six months or annually. Others will allow it every three or four months. If you are paying for it out of pocket, you may decide to stretch out the appointments to reduce costs. It is advised not to go longer than six months.

For your convenience, the provider should be able to get you on the calendar with ease. When they come out for a checkup, they can get you scheduled for the next one. They should call you as that appointment time gets closer to remind you. Most try to be flexible with schedule times too. They can come in the morning, afternoon, and some will even make evening appointments.

Use it Correctly

Make sure you know how to use the device correctly as this will reduce the risk of problems identified during stairlift maintenance checks. Don’t allow children to play on it and adhere to any weight limits. Make sure anyone operating the device knows the right way to use it safely and without damaging it.

Pay Attention

Do your part to keep it in good working order too. Pay attention to anything that seems out of the ordinary. If it isn’t working like it should or you hear strange noises, get someone over to look at it right away. Don’t wait until your next scheduled stairlift maintenance appointment as that can allow the issue to get to the point where severe damages have already occurred.

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