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Table Pad Manufacturers

When you want protection for your dining room table, what all you need is a perfect and custom dining room table pad. Well, when thinking of buying a table pad, most people would look take factors such as price, warranty and quality into consideration. Another factor that is most often overlooked is the manufacturer of the table pad. While generally the price and warranty terms are provided by the merchants you select, the quality of the table pad largely depends on the manufacturer. Next, we are going to take a look at a few manufacturers that you can rely on when purchasing your table pad online.

Ohio Table Pad Company

Ohio Table Pad Company is a family owned wholesaler of custom made table pad protection.

For over 80 years, there character has been our strength, as a company with family traditions of honesty and integrity, they are proud of the high quality products we produce. They provide American made products to a customer base that consists of furniture stores, interior design firms, department stores, and independent distributors here in the United States as well as some international locations. There products include buffet pad, custom table pads, table pad storage bag, table leaf storage bags and more.

Pioneer Table Pad Company

Pioneer Table Pad Company is a family owned and operated business. For 90 years, they have been committed to providing families with quality table protection. They are committed to provide you excellent quality, prompt service and 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Guardian Table Pad Company

A division of the Ohio Table Pad Company, a family owned business of humble beginnings. In 1923, they began building custom tailored table pads for fine furniture protection. Guardian Custom Products’ table pads are made with the highest quality materials, superior workmanship, and all with an assurance guarantee of the lowest possible price.

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