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Sweet 16 Party Ideas – Plan a Fairytale Party

Your sixteenth birthday party celebration must be very special and extraordinary. Turning sixteen means that you are nearly going to be a full-grown lady. That is why there must be a great plan to make your birthday party a very memorable one.

One of the most popular themes for birthdays is a Fairytale party. Imagine wearing a gown like Cinderella’s, with diamond necklace and earrings, and a pair of gorgeous glass sandals. You will surely look like a princess. This will definitely make your favorite bedtime story come to life.

To make this fantasy real, make sure to come up with the perfect plan for your birthday. Every detail must be excellent to make your day the best party ever. Here are the things that you need to plan for each step.

Step 1. The theme. Think of the princess character that you wish to be. You may be Snow White, Princess Jasmine, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty.

Step 2. The Invitation. Come up with a personalized invitation that will tell your guests all the necessary information. Never forget to include the date, time, location, and the proper dress code. Would not it be nice to have all your guests wear fairytale costumes as well? That will make your party look like those in the fairytale world. You can make your invitation artistic and creative. You can even place your picture if you want. That will make it more unique and personalized.

Step 3. The location. Your venue must be fantastic and must blend with the fairytale theme. Decorate it like those you find in the fairytale movies. Make it look like a royalty. A venue that has a staircase would also be wonderful. You can make a great entrance upon the announcer’s signal. Now, that is really cool.

Step 4. The food. Celebrating an enchanted party like yours must be coupled with sumptuous and finger licking food. Have some appetizers, a buffet of delicious menu, sweet desserts, and sparkling wines and champagnes. And do not forget the cake. Your table decorations is important too. You may use golden tablecloths, golden spoons and forks, and beautiful flowers as the centerpiece.

Step 5. The themes and dance. After a delicious meal, there must be some exciting games and activities. Think of great prizes and goodies as rewards, such as yummy candy bars, sweet chocolates, and many more. Afterwards, you can have the Royal dance. Dance with your Dad, your Mom, your brothers and sisters, and your guests. You will be shining like a beautiful star with your gorgeous dress and silver crown.

Step 6. The party Favors. To make your birthday a memorable one, give your guests some fairytale party favors. Some of the great giveaways are Princess Theme Sweet 16 or Quince Castle Cake Topper, Ivory Fairytale Castle Place Card Holder, Cinderella Slipper Fairy Tale Candles, Crystal Long Stem Rose, and a whole lot more.

With this wonderful and enchanting plan, your birthday will be the talk of the town. Your sixteenth birthday comes only once. So make the most out of it. Make it extra fun, cool, and exciting.

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