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Surveillant Fire Limited

Surveillant Fire Ltd

Surveillant Fire Ltd. is being managed by seasoned professionals in various engineering field . Proven with a high sense of responsibility, efficient and taste for excellence. Teams are assembled based on the requirement and demands of the brief received, they combine their warm personality, skill, enthusiasm and experience in service delivery. We depend on a set of full time staff and a range of part-time and freelance professionals that are trained and equipped to up hold our values and standard of quality service delivery.

Our Services

Supply, installation and maintenance of :
FM-200 Automatic Fire Suppression System;
Analog Addressable Fire Alarm System;
Conventional Fire Alarm System;
Automatic Water Sprinklers System
Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel System
Burglar Alarm System
Surveillance Equipment ( C.C.T.V; Auto-dialer, Intrusion/Raider Alarm e.t.c)
Fire Extinguishers ( British Standard )
Emergency Lighting System
Importation & distribution of the following products:
Personal Protective Equipment(British & American Standard Products)
Paradox Hellas Matrix 2000 PC Compatible Fire Alarm Panel
Advanced Electronics Fire Alarm Panel (Analog & Conventional)
Hochiki Smoke, Flame & Beam Detectors
Fire Engines/Trucks
All Fire Fighting Equipment
LadderM8rix Anti-Slip Device
Goliath Safety Shoe (British)

Consultancy services

  1. Fire Risk Assessment: Our Technical Expertise is available to protect your business and employees from the risk of fire. We can advise you on how to carry out a fire risk assessment or complete the work process on your behalf. This will not only help protect your staff, but ensure the continuity of your business.
  2. Fire incidence investigation and report writing: Our personnel include forensic scientists with many years experience of investigating fatal, deliberate and accidental fires. Working alone or with experts from other agencies, evidence to indicate the cause of a fire can normally be found following even the largest blaze.
  3. Contingency Planning: Fires and other disasters can and do happen despite the best-laid fire prevention plans. As experts in Fire Prevention, our Technical Directorate is very well placed to advise on the planning of what to do if a disaster does befall a business. History has shown that well-laid disaster contingency plans can save a business from failure after a fire or similar incident.
  4. New Building Review: Modern building specifications are increasingly more complex and fire-engineered solutions are more often required to help architects meet the requirements of the inspecting authorities.
  5. Fire & Security Review: The requirements of fire safety and security measures can sometimes seem to be contradictory and lead to flaws in the ways in which staff and businesses are protected. A review of company fire and security measures can eliminate weakness and maximize the effectiveness of both sets of provisions. This can be handled successfully by our team of experts.
  6. Fire Safety Advice: All organizations with employees, clients and customers have obligations to ensure their safety. When it comes to the complexities of fire safety legislation and good practice the Surveillant Fire Ltd technical crews are available to advise you on how best to meet your safety obligations.
  7. Halon Replacement Guidance/Extinguishing System Selection: Under the terms of the Montreal Protocol use of the Halon extinguishing gasses is been outlawed in the vast majority of applications and the removal of current installations is mandatory by the end of 2003 . Surveillant Fire Ltd possesses expertise knowledge in all areas of Halon replacement systems including:
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Water Mist Systems
    • Inert Gas Systems
    • Foam Systems
    • Halocarbon Gaseous Systems e.t.c

and can advise upon the most suitable alternative for your applications. All advice is supported by sound experimental knowledge and experience.

Our Address: Head Office Surveillant House, 15B, Kasumu Street, Shangisha, Magodo, Lagos, Nigeria.
+234 (0) 817 444 8797, +234 (0) 703 444 6474
Tel: +234-1-3427085 Mobile Tel: +2348023127298, +2348053613092, +2348093613092, +2347039098080.
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