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Six Secret Sexual Moves To Turn Her On

So, you want to know some sexual moves on how to turn her on, right? Let’s get going. Here are your secret sexual secrets:

“Turn Her On” Tip No. 1 => Discover The Nape Of Her Neck

Ask just about any woman and she’ll tell you. There’s just SOMETHING about giving the nape of her neck attention that drives her wild.

All you really have to do is get close to her and breathe on it, actually…even (and especially) subtly.

In fact, you can softly breathe on the side of her neck, the front of her neck OR the back of her neck. It drives women absolutely nuts…in a very good way.

If she smells great, so much the better. Enjoy that, and she’ll enjoy the fact that you’re enjoying it.

And if you go head and softly kiss her there a few seconds later, expect her to giggle and squirm a little.

But here’s the clincher.

Find the very spot on the back of her neck where her hairline ends. On most women there’s just a small bit of “peach fuzz” right there. Lift her hair up, if necessary and bite it. In fact, bite it right off.

“Turn Her On” Tip No. 2 => Turn Into A Vampire…Temporarily

OK, while we’re visiting about a woman’s neck here, I’ve got to bring this up.

I’m all but certain that you’re as underwhelmed by the “Twilight” flicks as I am, but let’s face it…for some crazy reason women are–and always have been–fascinated by vampire stuff.

And that “crazy reason” is this: Vampires seduce women with an element of “danger” that NO woman wants in REAL life, but which EVERY WOMAN fantasizes about.

I personally think it’s that latent “naughty” side of a woman that brings this fantasy out.

“Forbidden love” is a HUGE theme in women’s romance novels and the like, right? This is just another (albeit pretty twisted) version of all that.

So try this. Walk up behind her, grab her by the shoulders and simply wrap your teeth softly around that muscle that extends from her neck to her shoulder.

More precisely, I’m talking about the Trapezius muscle if you want to get technical, but you probably don’t.

What you want to do is just get into position to bite, WITHOUT biting.

When she giggles with anticipatory pleasure, THAT’S when you give her the world’s softest bite.

But don’t be surprised when she wants you to bite harder. I’m serious.

“Turn Her On” Tip No. 3 => Whisper In Her Ear

OK, so we’re already well acquainted with the fact that women love for you to bring out their “naughty” side.

And sure, you could simply tell her whatever’s on your mind as far as what you have “planned” for the two of you to engage in together. But NOTHING truly ramps up genuine, bona fide naughtiness like SECRECY.

Welcome to why sending sexual “zingers” via text message when she’s in the middle of a board meeting is so thrilling for her.

In large part, it’s because NOBODY ELSE KNOWS about it. It’s just between the two of you.

Whispering in a woman’s ear has exactly that same effect.

Although whispering “naughty nothings” in her ear is especially potent when you’re around a group of other people, there’s no rule that says you can’t do so in the privacy of your own home instead.

It’ll still work magnificently, in part because it’ll still FEEL like a secret to her…which will register as decidedly playful considering nobody else is around.

Besides, there’s something that’s just flat-out sensual about hearing someone else’s voice so close up. It just sends a tingle up your spine, right?

“Turn Her On” Tip No.4) Trace Her Profile

No, no. I don’t mean run a background check on her or make sure she’s canceled her account.

What I’m talking about here is actually one of the most simple but overlooked maneuvers you can imagine.

While kissing her, or right before you’re ABOUT to kiss her, simply lift your gaze to the top of her forehead (or keep looking in her eyes, your choice) and softly trace the tip of your forefinger downward from the top of her forehead, over the bridge of her nose, and down to her chin.

What you’re looking for here is for her to bite your finger at the precisely appropriate moment. Outstanding.

“Turn Her On” Tip No. 5 => Bite Her Lip

The next time you kiss her, why make it the same old boring lip lock?

Instead, softly bite her top lip and HOLD IT for a brief second. Then turn your head to the other side and continue.

There’s just this hint of deeper passionate intent that finds its way to the surface when you do that.

She’ll read that sign like the morning news, gentlemen. And she’ll LIKE the message you’re sending.

By the way, if she actually bites YOUR lip first you can consider that “permission” to step things up a notch.

In fact, you already know that when a woman bites her lip softly while interacting with you in ANY way (even conversation) that you usually feel something move in your boxers.

That’s because it’s a universal signal of imminent sexual desire. You gotta love it.

“Turn Her On” Tip No. 6 => Inhale Her Exhale

Here’s another particularly brilliant move you can make while kissing her.

Obviously, the “ram your tongue down her throat” style is much maligned by 100% of women out there.

This is not only because it telegraphs a decidedly overeager sense of desperation, it’s because it flat-out lacks finesse, dude.

Granted, we’re men here, so “finesse” can seem like an evil word.

“Finesse” defenses may not win NFL championships, but I’m telling you that finesse when it comes to kissing a woman will make you a champion in a woman’s eyes.

Kissing is as much a spiritual act as a physical act, assuming you’re doing it right and getting the most out of it.

Have you ever heard a woman say she believes kissing is more intimate than sex? That sounds preposterous, but there could be something to it.

So what could be more intimate than literally sharing each other’s breath?

Try inhaling her exhale as you kiss.

She’ll instinctively know what you’re doing and it’ll create this almost supernatural connection between you. There’s a synchronicity there that’s unmistakable. It’s really amazing.

In fact, did you know that the ancient Greek word for “breath” is actually a very close variant of the word for “soul”? I think those guys knew what they were talking about.

Breathe in a woman’s exhale and her soul sort of becomes part of you in the moment…literally.

I have to tell you, I took particular enjoyment in writing this all down for you.

You probably noticed that the six ideas I included aren’t necessarily the OBVIOUS choices.

Yeah, yeah. You can start pillow fights, tickle each other, grab a handful of hair while kissing her and/or give her a foot massage. But all of those have been written about enough by both myself and others.

This list, on the other hand, has been devoted to sharing “secret” moves.

Not to say “original”, because for every bullet point above it’s likely that at least five of you are going to e-mail me saying you’ve been doing that for years (and with great success, I’m sure).

If, however, at least a few of these have caused a “light bulb” to go on for you, by all means give them a try…and soon. And hey, if all of this talk about getting women frisky has inspired YOU, why not dream up a few “secret moves” of your own?

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