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Single Glazing Versus Double Glazing

Single glazed refers to windows that are made up of a single sheet of glass and this was once, until fairly recently, the only available option to architects, house builders and homeowners. The single glazed windows were flagged up as an issue as soon as global warming became came to the media’s attention, at the same time as discussions around ways to reduce the human impact on climate change. The single pane of glass makes these windows instantly unsuitable for externally facing windows due to their inability to retain heat and to keep out the cold but this doesn’t mean that all houses have automatically been converted to a more efficient solution, but they really should have been.

This more efficient solution comes in the form of double glazed windows and building regulations now state that all new builds must be fitted with these and not single glazed windows. Double glazed means a window that is made up of two panes of glass with a small space left between them and the theory behind this design is that not only does heat, cold and noise need to pass through two sheets of glass but the space in between the two panes acts as an area of insulation too. Keeping valuable heat in the home results in less wastage, lower heating bills and smaller carbon footprint so it’s not just about money but also about reducing the damage done to the planet by humans.

There’s really no contest between single glazed windows and double glazed windows which is lucky really because single glazed windows are hard to come by and great deals can be had on double glazing due to the high level of competition within the industry. Double glazing can be retrofitted to any home at a low cost as window sizes are standardised in UK homes and many companies will do a great deal the more windows you’re having replaced or fitted and the return on investment is the real selling point. It is a false economy to keep your single glazed windows as they will undoubtedly be letting cold air in and hot air out, meaning a big percentage of your expensive heating will be escaping through the window.

Modern glazing is not expensive when you consider a number of things, firstly that you will be able to turn your heating down in the winter and need to have it on for less hours because double glazing will instantly make it more efficient. Aside from this, a double glazed house is far more attractive to potential buyers or tenants if you are looking to sell and rent because they are more secure, warmer and enjoy lower bills. So when you consider single glazed versus double glazed, there really is no competition, double glazed windows wins hands down.

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