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Significance of Software Development Life Cycle

Offshore software development is becoming more sophisticated and technically sound as more experts are opting for it. Emerging markets for offshore services are creating quite a buzz as it is maturing and handling projects that were not possible before. The higher productivity gain is a major factor determining the growth of this industry.

An offshore project can be of higher value if the significance of each stage is evaluated and analyzed. There are different stages of the development process depending on the scope of the project. However few key stages are the same for every development, therefore to reduce risks and to ensure satisfaction they must be considered.

The development life cycle can be complicated one but it can be simplified with proper management skills. The first stage that is the foundation phase is where the project is being initiated. For initiating the project the scope is evaluated and feasibility is checked. Details like IT staff involved with the project, their expertise, labor rates and time to market are all worked out to see if the project would deliver your desired results. With all the ground work in place things get easier as it helps to focus on the key goals. Clear identification of your needs and expectations from the project gives a better vision ensuring better results.

The next phase is the elaboration phase. All the requirements are gathered, prioritized according to their significance and an architectural plan of how to go about the project is made. The plan must be discussed with the offshore team to see their take on it and achieve better understanding and communication. The more the co-ordination between the two parties the better would be the outcome. Here the project managers can work out the strategies and development plans of how each phase of the project will be completed in what time period. The hierarchy for different stages of development can be set by allotting a specific time frame.

The construction phase is the one in which the project comes into shape. It deals with the actual development process. The products are designed according to the specifications given before. After implementation the products are tested to check the efficiency and results. The more detailed planning the easier it would be come up with solutions therefore the significance of the inception process is stressed a lot.

Lastly comes the transition phase when the product is delivered to the end users. Each stage of an offshore development requires its share of attention and if each is handled carefully then nothing can go wrong.

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