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Sheepskin Rug Cleaning

Do you have that beloved sheepskin rug, which does not look the way it used to? In as little as a year, sheepskin rugs can start to look dingy and this is certainly something that no rug owner wants to have to deal with. However, they can be brought back to life.

One great way to revitalize sheepskin rugs is to mix borax and lemon juice in equal amounts:

  • Spray the solution on the rug
  • Wait two hours before hanging it and hosing it off
  • After hosing it off, fluff the fibers by hand

(Seems easy enough, doesn’t it? This is just one do-it-yourself method of sheepskin rug cleaning)

Another do-it-yourself method that you might be surprised about is simply using the washing machine. Now this is where you have to be very careful because certain backings may break apart. If the backing is a skin backing, then you are in business.

All you have to do is wash it on the gentle cycle in cold water. Once it is finished washing, hang it to dry. You may even be able to hang it over a chair, however, whatever you do, do not let it sit in the sun because the rug will actually shrink. This method definitely makes it seem like sheepskin rug cleaning is too easy for it to be true, but it is definitely true.

Therefore, as you can see, you do not have to let your sheepskin rug look bad because you are afraid of ruining it. There are just several things to look out for during the rug cleaning process. That is keeping the rug out of the sun when drying and not letting it come into contact with hot water. You also do not want to use the washing machine sheepskin rug cleaning method if the backing is something other than a skin backing. The lemon juice and borax method may be best. If in doubt, hire a professional. You know you cannot go wrong with a professional involved and it is better than guessing.

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