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Save a Watt, Save a Lot With Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

We all know that energy efficient lightbulbs help to protect the environment, and over the course of a few years they can also help your bank balance too, however when seeking money saving solutions that offer to save us hundreds of pounds on our utility bills, the lights are usually the last thing on our minds.

We will happily fork out for solar panels and ways to heat the home economically but many of us consider the few pence we save on wattage with lightbulbs to be lower down on the priority list.

Not only this but many energy efficient lighting solutions aren’t really solutions at all, as we swap the sixty watts for a pearlescent twist of a bulb we feel as though we are being rationed on luminescence. The lights take an age to flicker to life and when they do we find that although the glow is flattering, its simply quite depressing.

It’s a Blinking Conspiracy!

There are conspiracy theories around the new laws that sweep the sixty watt sunshine from the shelves as radicals do believe the government are lulling us into a subdued state in order to diminish our resolve, yet for those of us who enjoy a little light in our lives there are energy efficient lighting solutions that don’t take the shine out of everyday living.

The solutions promise to light up your home, your office, your factory or workplace in the flick of a switch, in fact surveys were carried out and not one person could tell the difference. So luminous are these bulbs that it’s amazing that they save money, and a normal family of five could see savings of hundreds of pounds.

That’s not all, consider the cost of lighting a factory with fluorescent strip lights, where the cost mounts and mounts quicker than workers can pull the products from the line. These same energy saving solutions save these huge companies massive amounts mounting to thousands of pounds off their business electricity bill.

It’s Light Jim, But Not as We Know It!

Using LEDs these lighting solutions are well ahead of their time, as not only do they save up to 90% on energy they are also simple to maintain. The lifespan is on average six times longer than their dull counterparts and with no annoying humming, flickering or radiation; mental and physical health improves too.

Many worry about the radiation scare of the energy saving light bulbs on offer, as apparently radiation leaks if ever a crack forms in the bulb. Some also swear that this form of radioactivity also penetrates bodies when the bulb is fully intact. LED lights however do not emit any radiation at all, and they’re a lot brighter than the tiny bulbs we remember from our craft and design lessons at school. This advancement in modern technology allows up to 75000 hours of light, no mean feat as this is almost a decade of light!

If you’re serious about saving the environment, these will also ease your conscience, with less carbon emissions; your footprint will drastically reduce turning your home or business into a lean green lighting machine!

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