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Sample Information Management Plan: Purpose, Objectives, Hierarchy, Stakeholders

Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, SA de CV Information Service Department

Information Management Plan

The Information Management Plan documents the objectives and methods for improving and assessing the use of information within Acme de Mexico (AMC). The plan consists of the following sections: Purpose, Objectives, Stakeholder Group Information Requirements, Overview of Information System Design, Other AMC Environment Policies, Security Policy, Training Required, Maintenance and Future Improvements of the System and Planning Budget.

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Information Management Plan is to provide an outline for assessing and improving information usage and management within AMC.

II. Objectives

The objectives of the information management planning process are to assess AMC’s information needs and implement solutions. Proposed solutions should address the following topics:

a. Department types, size and structure;

b. Current information system

III. Stakeholder Groups Defined and Information Requirements (with Assigned Roles and

Hierarchy Chart as enclosures)

a. Stakeholder Groups Defined

Project Sponsor – CEO: Responsible for the overall operation of Acme de Mexico City. The CEO needs an Information Management (IM) plan for effective communication with the organization. The plan must be completed no later than April 1, 2008.


Project Manager – CIO: Responsible for the implementation and creation of the IM plan. The CIO oversees the work of the IM plan, makes recommendations and assists others with creating their portions for the IM plan. CIO must ensure that the plan is submitted on time to the CEO.

Project Team – COO, CFO, CLO, Director of HR, Director of Marketing, IT Apps and Integration Manager and Store Operations Manager: Responsible for their departments and for a collection of required polices and procedures. They work in conjunction with internal departments of the organization and ensure that each director understands each others job and policies that affect them.

Support Staff – Assistant CIO, Customer Service Manager/Front-end Manager, Logistics Manager, Inventory Control/Security Manager, Director of Financial Analysis, Director of Staffing and Training and Business Development Manager: Supports their department and others on a needed basis. They work closely with their directors and/or managers and report any concerns to them directly.

Customers: Mexico City’s citizens, tourist and the neighboring cities are the customers that Acme de Mexico City service. Acme has a responsibility to provide them with the needs and wants that they expect from a home improvement store. Acme employees are internal customers and each department must treat Acme employees as if they were external customers, servicing them with what they need to perform their jobs at the expected level of

Acme standards.

Users: Customers of Acme de Mexico will be the users of our products, services and other miscellaneous tools such as self checkout counters. Acme employees are also users of not only our products and services but the infrastructure as well.

Suppliers: Plumbing and electrical, building materials, hardware and tools, seasonal, garden and yard items and paint, flooring and wall coverings are all being supplied to us by the 5,000 vendors who have supplied us in the past with their 40,000 different products. It is the responsibility of the Store Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Customer Service Manager and Logistics Manager to ensure that they products are delivered on time and meet the specifications of Acme offered products.


Home Depot: a home improvement store that sells items ranging from grass seed to siding services. They employ over 325,000 people and rank in sales of $81.51 billion with a twenty day volume of 8,292,000. Lowes: The world’s second leading home improvement store that also carry items such as washers, flowers, and flooring. Sales rank around $43 billion with an average volume of 14,830,300.

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