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Safety Signs And Their Importance

Safety is a key word, which is intended to keep ourselves free from different risks that may came to our lives, and may be hazardous for our well being. As today, the rate of population is dramatically increasing all over the world, and thus, consequently increasing the complexity of lives of people, safety had become the basic need of people.

Safety Signs

Safety signs are a vital need of the time, and the government is strictly responsible for hiring well educated, and responsible persons for placing safety signs everywhere they are needed. In underdeveloped countries like India, the government legislations regarding safety signs are not strict enough, and need serious considerations. Safety signs give information about the protective measures, which should be taken in different circumstances. These signs are made by combining different signs, colours, pictograms, and shapes in a manner to give a clear and significant meaning of each sign.

Meanings Of Colours Used In Safety Signs

The colours used are standardised, and each colour reflect a specific meaning for example, red colour reflect danger, fire, avoidance, and alertness. Yellow colour indicates warning, caution, and guidance to take precautions. Green shows permission to exit with safety. Blue represents things, which can be done.

Meanings Of Shapes

Shapes used in safety signs are also standardised, and each shape contains a meaning in it for example circle represents allowance to go, and a crossed line inside a circle represents prohibition from escape or exit. Similarly, triangle identifies a warning.

Types Of Safety Signs And Their Importance

Different safety signs are used in different areas according to the requirements; following are some of the most famous safety signs used due to their importance.

1 Road Safety Sign

Road signs are one of the most common and most vital safety features to avoid dangerous road accidents. Risk of road accidents could be minimised to a greater level by carefully placing the road signs at proper places, their placement is essential in all main locations where any dangerous or hazardous work is being carried on. Road signs are of different kinds, the most commonly used is no parking sign. This sign informs people not to park their vehicles at the specified area; otherwise, they will be fined, and will be held guilty of breaking the road rules. Other road signs include population, school, or hospital ahead. This is to warn drivers to slow down their speed to lessen the risk of any dangerous accident. Similarly, speed breakers and railway crossing are also commonly used road signs. All the restrictions to follow these signs ensure the security of both the drivers, and the public.

2 Safety Sign For Construction

These signs are placed in places where any kind of construction is being carried on. Mostly during construction of the roads, bridges, and buildings create disturbance in pathways, so the construction safety signs helps to minimise the risk of accidents due to negligence of either driver, or labour. The most commonly used sign is Men at Work sign, used to warn drivers about the construction work. Most often, the drivers are advised to change their route.

3 Safety Sign For Radiations

Some working places are exposed to dangerous radiations. In such working areas, radiation hazard signs are placed to warn people that they should not enter such areas that are exposed to dangerous radiations.

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