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Reunion Gifts For Special Friends – Remembering the Good Times

Reunion gifts for special friends can mean searching for anything from a bouquet of flowers to a marble sculpture. The important thing about reunion gifts is they have to mean something other than the standard

‘Hi how are you doing’ type of gesture; they have to say everything you want to say if you were always there to say it.

Reunions are by definition for people who spend most of their time apart, however, and saying the right thing to a friend in need is not always an option. The best you can do is to be there by association. Giving reunion gifts for special friends to cherish can pose a difficulty – finding the right gift that conveys the right feelings and a sense of connection.

Old friends are the dearest. Unfortunately our oldest friends are often the ones we get to spend the least time with – the friends we went to school with or worked with on our very first job; the friends who live in our hometown; the ones that stayed to raise their kids in the place they were raised themselves. The occasional reunion is the only contact we can ever have with these wonderful people who made our early years so special and so secure.

A gift that allows us to share a solid connection with special friends is one that is the most welcome. Friends that want to be close to us don’t really want to receive a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, bath products or perfume. A gift that lasts is the best gesture you can make to someone special, whether it is natural jewelry or perhaps a unique stone you can hold in your hand to remind you of how unique your friendship is.

Reunion gifts for special friends might be the gifts they cherish forever. The right gift should say something about how much you want to be there, even though you are far away. A gift that may be looked at and turned in the hand, that changes color in the light and warms to the skin, is the gift that sticks around in a wallet or purse and that stays on the night locker as a permanent reminder of friends you cannot see but are near in spirit.

Making the decision to buy reunion gifts for special friends is never the hard part -deciding what to buy is the difficulty. You can walk shopping malls for hours on end and only find meaningless gifts that will be no less appreciated but forgotten in a week.

Buy something that says more about the friendship you feel…

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