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Reasons Why Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Are So Popular

For many, the Dyson brand is the Apple of the vacuum cleaner world. Beautiful and functional design, coupled with average prices easily doubling those of other vacuum cleaners, and a loyal population of supporters that wouldn’t change their Dyson for any other brand, no matter what. Let’s examine the reasons why Dyson vacuum cleaners are so popular.

They Work

Dyson vacs are especially popular among pet owners and allergy sufferers, because they actually work extremely well to remove and filter hairs and allergens from the air. Their bag-less engineering allows them to keep the amounts of suction produced high even after using them regularly, and the combination of a primary cyclone filter and several smaller ones removes effectively both big and small particles from the air. They are pricey, but anybody who suffers if the air is not perfectly clear, or loves their pets but wish they didn’t drop so much hair anywhere, knows better than to buy a cheaper model that will just clog and stop working midway through the dining room.

They Are Innovative

James Dyson, the original founder of the brand, is one of the clearest examples of innovative personalities in British history. This is still one of the trademarks of the brand, and Dyson vacs are famous for offering simple but out of the box solutions to problems such as vacuum cleaners being too heavy, difficult to manoeuvre or losing suction as the bag fill up. Their marketing reflects that and focuses on showing people how a Dyson vac perfectly fits their needs, instead of using technical jargon or lists of features. And they stay up to date, releasing new models and using their technology on other household appliances such as fans or hairdryers, making them an example of an innovative business.

They Have Built a Brand

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, which don’t look especially good and spend a lot of time hidden on a cupboard, Dyson vacs are engineering to be pleasant to the eye. Its futuristic design and bright accent colours make them easily recognizable and, not unlike Macs, a home décor statement as well as a useful appliance. And not unlike Apple again, Dyson have an army of proud existing users happy to tell everybody else, both online and in person, how satisfied they are with their Dyson machine and how it was worth every penny. Accomplishing this with something so non glamorous as a vacuum cleaner is, without a doubt, a big challenge, and one where Dyson have been most successful.

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